Who to Root for in the Super Bowl | Ravens Final Drive – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Who to Root for in the Super Bowl | Ravens Final Drive

Garrett Downing breaks down reasons for both sides and reveals who he's rooting for in Super Bowl LIV.

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Zach Edits

Wish the ravens were playing Sunday . I’m rooting for the chiefs

    Jordantheeverythingsporysplayer JATBJILBRLT

    Nobody plays today you mean Sunday

    Scrambled Eggs

    Zach Edits same


    The ravens aren’t in it. I don’t really care. I’ll probably watch a little bit because nothing else will really be on

raven flock

Chiefs here and most of my class too

Alfie The doggo

AFC gang. Go Chiefs!


i’m going for the chiefs

MsRG 2019

Definitely KC:
TSIZZLE deserves a second ring.
Though he’s our rival, I respect Mahommie.
Andy Reid deserves it.
Rather AFC than NFC win it.
IF the Niners win it…I won’t be mad either because Juice gets his! Richard Sherman gets another. Niners were the best team we played this year while playing RAVENS BALL (we didn’t play Ravens Ball in that other game so don’t even bring it up).
It should be a great game with a LOT if red flying around everywhere…lemme find my sunglasses…

    Garrison Armand

    MsRG 2019 Well us ravens fans wouldn’t want the 49ers to win I can’t stand them at all tbh

Mr. Gideonion

I want pats and Steelers to have less bragging rights tho

Garrett Geurink

I would want the chiefs to win but george kittle is from the same place as me.

The Spiritual SmartAss

I appreciate both teams honestly…

49ers I think will win

Chiefs I’ll root for because… I’d like to see Andy Reid take them all the way, I want Pat Mahomes to get a ring and I wants Suggs to add to his resume with another ring.

Even though I predict 49ers to win though…. it’s really really close I think.

    I are the Niggest

    The Spiritual SmartAss agreed. I honestly am also a fan of Texas Tech and that’s where patty came from so

    James Perry II

    I thought i was the only one, but it seems like every Ravens fan wants the Chiefs to win, but believe the 49ers will win. Kind of weird, but ok.

Monee B

A ring for Reid, he has earned it.


Nobody. Although i kind of hope KC loses. The pat mahomes bandwagon is annoying

    Nightmare Kilo

    Devin hell thats probably how they felt about lamar😂😂😂

King Berserk

Only one team could beat the niners at the bowl and that’s the ravens and I like to keep it that way

Cameron Gray

i’m routing for the chiefs, not only for t sizzle, but sorensen and andy reid are both mormon and so am i so i will route for the chiefs, also it’s just so fun to watch Patrick mahomes

David Basil Sr

Asa died in the wool Ravens fan living in central Missouri I will be rooting for the Chiefs. Ravens are #1, Chiefs #2, whoever plays against the Steelers #3 and whoever plays against the Patriots #4,

Myron McClain

I’m rooting for 49ers

Jeremiah Seavey

Ravens need to become a dynasty. We have the pieces needed to (Jackson and Harbs) if we get a slot receiver who catches and a rushing end and one more LB then I feel like the dynasty could be real. We have the core just get the pieces they Need. Go RAVENS


I wanna see Raheem Mostert preform well, that man has been through the wringer

Sloppy Jo

49ers just so we don’t have to hear about how great mahomes is

    Darth Thrath

    Mahomes is great though! But Niners are going to win with that Super Bowl defence!

jermaine Johnson

Gotta root for the 49ers Chiefs fans hate Lamar so 🖕🏿 the chiefs and Mahomes

*MisS* *TriNiDaD*

Im rooting for MY Ravens even tho they’re not playing. 🥴
But I guess I’ll go with the Chiefs.


Easy KC…
As a Ravens fan you gotta keep the trophy in the AFC… NO! I NEVER ROOTED FOR PATRIOTS

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