“We’re going to the SUPER BOWL!” | Mic’d Up Rams vs Saints NFC CHAMPIONSHIP (2018-19) – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Naren Reply

2020 Let’s get it, HORNS UP!!

Michael MACCHIA Reply

Im so gald they brought 2018 mic’d up back


The Aints fans still can’t get over this game. 😂 Blew Dat!!!

    sogdo Reply

    It’s true guys. Coming from a Rams fan from SoCal living in Louisiana here ☹️

F. ACR Reply

Rams up 2020 🤘🏾😎🤘🏾

elijoker Reply

I suppose the Vikings beating the Saints in this year’s playoffs was the Rams fault too

    tarun Reply


    sogdo Reply

    Ain’ts fans have every excuse in the world. And yes, you can guess what they did after their loss to the Vikes. They claimed the refs cheated them out again…


    No we take turns this year we will be back

richardturtlegrande Reply

Man what a game and I’ll never forget the joy I had when Greg sunk that. Cant imagine how the players felt. Love this video, let’s hope the Rams can win it all soon! Horns up!!

Anthony Reply

Man Cooper Kupp was so badly missed 😭😭😭

Heso Melo Reply

I was in my living room jumping up and down with my dad when Zurlien Made the FG. I’m 18 and I been a Rams my whole life and going 3-13 2-14 1-15 3 years in a row it felt like we were never gonna get there

    DRK lilharpbreezy Reply

    Heso Melo we should be able to go 11-5 or 12-4 next season looking at our schedule. Well have another good shot at winning next season

    DRK lilharpbreezy Reply

    Scrap that 12-4 or 13-3 we have an extremely easy schedule looking back at it.

    Romano41189 Reply

    Same here man me my 3 brothers an my dad went FucKing insane!! Best feeling ever

Eric Litster Reply

Unforgettable!! Pure beauty!!!

Riotz Reply

days later walks out of the super bowl with shame 🤣 memories man you cant let this team go to waste you do us rams fans a favor by goin there again this year how bout that

carlos G Reply

Man everyone looked so happy I miss this team

Paul Ibarra Reply

Well be back! After sooo many bad years. Thank you Mcvay and thank you for our fans in LA and everywhere else. Well be back!

That Boy Reply

The Saints should be happy they don’t have the Rams on their schedule the next two seasons.


Why did saints not run the clock out no they tested us so robey let em eat dirt……

They got the ball in overtime

Saints era is done

    sogdo Reply

    Haha we’ve smothered them.

sogdo Reply

Can’t wait to see the changes in our team this year, and if we make it to the super bowl I’d drop!

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