Weights, Walkthroughs, and Winning: A Day in the Life of Jared Goff | ALL IN S1 E1 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Triple C Reply


GachaYT Reply

Your my favorite nfl team ever since I was a little kid

    Nachoeee Reply

    same man! LLJ

franklin gomez Reply

thats my qb


Go Rams!

DanTheRamFan Reply

JG16 gotta come back strong next season

Subramanian Krishnan Reply

Breakout year for QB1 #JG16


Todd with the lightsaber

Arden Cross Reply

We still believe in you

Michael Armenta Sr. Reply

Life long Rams fan here. Goff, please decide whether you want to be good, great, or mediocre.

Ec Cola Reply

Anyone else getting Mark Sanchez vibes

LeafyFan Reply

Rams for life

ALFREGO !!!!!!!!!!!! Reply

Jared Goff is underrated

Michael MACCHIA Reply

Sullivan’s back.

J. P Reply

He’s gonna bounce back. Mark my words

Martha Smith Reply

Jared getting his game on. 2020!!

That Boy Reply

Goff gonna prove all the haters wrong this 2020 season

Ray Martinez Reply

I think he comes back this year and has a great season

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