not going to say first

    dylanjames productions

    and you did so too.


    Aid s You’re a smart one

    Aid s

    @Carlos Arroyo thank you for the link



    Carlos Arroyo

    @Aid s y ll wellcome bro

Ben Skillen

Merry Christmas nfl

    Peter T

    Happy Holidays

    Dan Strikker

    @konasake Trinh Christmas is not a pagan holiday, it’s the day we celebrate the birth of Christ

    Uncle Ruckus

    @Dan Strikker 🙏


    Ben Skillen happy holidays

    konasake Trinh

    Dan Strikker go look it Christmas pagan holiday origin.


Your a day late NFL..

    Mike Craig

    Gombeen chill out

    GamingWorldX L

    I think it was for Christmas

    Cotton Candy

    XxNoobMaster69xX ikr

    Leticia Martinez

    Everyone makes mistakes

    Rowan Fernsler

    I see your grammar is a day late too. No wonder, your logo is -T series- garbage.

Alfie The doggo

The bad thing about being early is you can’t see any of the funny/mad comments

    Just Yeet


    Flare ツ

    The bad thing about being late is seeing a bunch of unoriginal comments.


    And I was wrong for having the Chiefs above the Seahawks last week.


People talking crap about Cleveland forget there was a point when they where 4-50

    Kendrick Mott

    @Nick Manny so did I. I’m quite superstitious so, I believe that unless the Browns has an unreal team with an unreal coach, they ain’t SB contenders


    There aren’t 54 games in a season.


    hey the browns won a total of 99 (100 when winning in week 17) over the last two decades

    be kind to them

    Stuff With Nava

    @Chris Paul point god Wendy’s >>> McDonald’s

    I like both btw.

William Wright

Ok so we can include this into the trash can along with the pro bowl


The jaguars are 5-10 and they are 30? Can someone who follows the jaguars explain that to me?


    @Phoenix Comments yeah cuz that’s why the panthers are 28.

    Kendrick Mott

    @Phoenix Comments and the Raiders were screwed out of that win. If the refs had just called that blatantly obvious slide in bounds, it wouldve been a 4th and 1 in ‘no mans land.’ Which means that we probably would’ve gone for it and win.

    Lol Lel

    Ash 543 no we beat the niners saints panthers x2


    we lost by like 100 points on every loss


    They are a pretty awful team not gonna lie


Cowboys only Drop 2 After Not scoring a Single touchdown and losing to a team made out of backups…

    Hatter TheMad

    Fahed 9ers are behind the saints whom they beat head to head power rankings are pointless

    Andrew Wyrick

    they are still there because anyone who actually watches football knows they have a very talented team that isnt playing up to their potential. clearly having some morale/motivation problems here.

    spikeball pro8

    Hatter TheMad don’t be stupid mate

    Hatter TheMad

    spikeball pro8 how am I being stupid lol wtf you talking about I’m not wrong

    spikeball pro8

    Hatter TheMad the fact that you don’t know why you are being stupid makes you stupid

Arnav Deshpande

Merry Christmas 🎄


Another season of UNDER PERFORMANCE by the hapless Chargers. Hey LA, are you tired of winning yet?

    Nick Johnson

    Trumpenstein They won a little too much last year, it really put a disturbance in the force.

    Ian Krueger

    liking just for ur name and profile pic


    And now we don’t play home games anymore


    @Ian Krueger Im a MONSTER. But so is Spanos.


How do the cardinals not move up at all after beating the Seahawks in Seattle with a 2nd string qb for the end of the game???

    Richard Clark

    @Javier Bazurto Right now, Cards vs. Browns on a neutral field….who you taking?

    James Henry

    Seattle’s just not as good as people made them out to be, they got carried by Wilson at the beginning of the year.

    the bomb3762

    And the giants move up 4 for beating the redskins

    Erik Williams

    Seattle’s is missing half it’s team.

    Donald Blanton

    @the bomb3762 The Giants move up 4 ’cause Saquon Barkley.

Rick Deckard

Before anyone starts raging: NFL power rankings mean nothing


    Damn right!!

    Nips R Us

    Really doesnt considering the fact that the saints should not be above the 49ers like come on be realistic

    Rob Roux

    How are the Cowboys still #14??? They should be like in the 20s.

Frickin Adrian

So the 3rd seed saints team that had home field advantage against the niners and couldn’t even beat them is still in front of the 1st seed niners

    Meka Lid

    I just dont get SF fans….they are so worried about the Saints being above them in an opinion poll….They know the Saints are just as good as them..so they fear them….I know 49ers are good so I would accept them if they were 2 and Saints were 3..but Lord Have Mercy….they cant handle the Saints being above them. Yes, 49ers beat the Saints by 2..Saints beat the Seahawks by more than 2…both lost against the Falcons….and Saints redeemed themselves from the Falcons with a win…and they got Brees and M.T….A.K…..T.H
    ..J.C…..T.B that is why!!!!

    Gabriel Vergara San Martín

    Niners barely won at home against a team that’s out of playoffs, Saints won by 10 on the road against a team that’s probably gonna be a wildcard. I agree it’s kinda subjective, but they’re still the best teams in NFC.

    Morgan Montz

    If the Niners don’t take out Jared Cook after his second touchdown then I guarantee Saints win that game going away.


    @this is my name that game on Monday sucked by both teams. AR had like a 60% completion rate. Drew Brees has an average of 78.


Honestly patriots are overrated this year


    Actually, this would be the rare season they aren’t. Their defense has been on point while their offense has puttered out. They deserve what credit they can get their hands on. I don’t see them making far into the playoffs this year.


If you flip the numbers, the Bengals have the best record in the NFL

    Mr Unknown

    Bengals ruined thier perfect record by winning smh

    Meteor Smash

    @Mr Unknown what a shame

    Block Party Saint

    If you flip the numbers the Bengals move up to 23rd ranked team.

Lennox Watts

My falcons tho… they are not bad but also not good


The NFL literally hates the lions. They’re 3-11-1 while the Redskins are 3-12. If the Bengals had 2 wins, the NFL would put the Lions at last. It’s not like the Lions get blown out every game, the majority of their games have actually been surprisingly close, considering half their team is injured. NFL, you guys gotta give the Lions some respect.

    A Fucking Bird

    I think they rank based on how good they look.

    Luke Amendolara

    Dude it’s a bad look to negotiate between 30 and 28. Y’all trash.


    Minutes lions are in like a 10 losing streak, they Fucken suck

    Austin Lau (629AusLau)

    OjTheJuiceBoy they almost beat the chiefs but they got two tds taken away. Bad flags on defense against Green Bay. Does that not signal anything?

    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    The Redskins play with more heart than Detroit who seems to be purposely losing


All the Saints fans saying their game with 9ers was a tie, are a bunch of sore losers, and wouldn’t be saying it if the scores were reversed.


who ever wouldve thought the dolphins would be ranked better then the panthers in the midseason


So the 9ers beat the Saints on the road and have the same record YET they are behind them? Yea that makes alot of sense, idiot rankers!

    Naturally Art

    They like to ignore the NFC West dynamics. Think about it, it’s (the NFC West) the only division where almost every team has a winning record and a league leading 12-3 record can get you a 6 seed with a final loss.
    N.O. is 4 games ahead of their 2nd place division rival… they tend not to look at this fact.

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