Week 16 Power Rankings Reaction Show – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
jon dando

Sup NFL love vids

Yo Yo

They shouldn’t even bother with the one and done cowgirls


Vikings 8 I’ll take it ig 🤷🏾‍♂️

    Super Star

    We will be #7 or 6 next week

    Nat Ud

    Super Star nope

Chocolate Boy

At least my Vikings are top 8.


Eagles have to beat the cowboys

Let's Make It Official

Lol Baltimore Saints sounds like an OP team.

    Andrew Carter

    Kamara and Ingram would meet again

Emery gaming panda

The beginning sounds like he has auto tune on

Brian Erney

New Orleans saints best team NFC


Who else was watching the Bunnies in the background??


Let’s go buffalo

Jonah Oney

They wearing shades..they must be high

    Jonah Oney

    They took them off lmfaoo look at em

Taonoi Klairak

We want to play the Saints again. Go Hawks!

    Osrsmaster1267 Joseph

    Taonoi Klairak and lose again?

    Catherine Beck

    @Osrsmaster1267 Joseph no way

KWhite III

Why they all got shades like Lamar 😎

Andeia Ferrazza Ferrazza

The best tem in NFC ia the Saints


Can we just stop Cynthia please???

Terrence Mitchell

I’m not a bills fan but cut them some slack josh Allen is a good QB with a elite defense

Blackthorn 461

Wait, how do the patriots have a better chance to win the super bowl then the Seahawks?

Jaidyn Crosslin

When are they gonna transition back to last years nfl power rankings reaction show


Ravens and Saints are going to be in the super bowl

Jizzle Kellz

The ravens going hard now but y’all gone be shocked when they don’t make it in the playoffs & nfl fooling us thinking these good team gone be in the super bowl it’s all hype

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