Week 16 Game Picks | NFL 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Chyrellynne Espinal

Yo I love the nfl

Just Faryn

Go chiefs

    Chikin nugets

    Kc forerver

    Queefyqueefster Mcqueef

    They’re going to annihilate the Bears

    Sean S.


69Georgiooo69 Fortnite

29 likes and no views🤔

Human 8845

I wonder if cynthias predictions record is the same as the bengals

    Andrew Harris

    Id say worse because she always picks close scores for some reason…

    anonymous anonymous

    Good one!


Why is Cynthia’s picks always 20 somethin’, ALWAYS!!

    Caden Pen

    @AGK927 no

    Gil Gonzales

    because its in her SCRIPT

    anonymous anonymous

    Not very realistic. The 49ers saints game she was WAY off on

    Duke Williams

    I was wondering the same thing, But A women that loves Sports I can Dig it!!

Nickolus Pigott

Not first!!

Ryan Flanagan


Thomars Carter

Where do Cynthia get these number from 😂😂

Ryan Flanagan

Go New Orleans Saints

Shafay Qaiser

Ravens vs the worst team: happens

Cynthia: 26-24


    Dont be mean to cynthia


    Stop bullying her

    Pix Burgh

    Ravens vs 08 Lions 22-21


We (the Saints) will smash the Titans. Saints 41, Titans 17.

    DatBoiTrey _

    Saints 34-27

    Ask Me If I Care

    Titans 28-26 just because you’re arrogant.


    i pray to god yall win out, and i also wish the packers win out, making the my seahawks 1st seed

    Braden Robertson

    Hey, the real question is: will Henry be 110%? If not it will be a close game if he is, then Titans will win. Just because Brees broke a record doesn’t mean the Titans are done yet. Also y’all lost to the Falcons badly one week. We have crush the Falcons with Mariota’s passing game. So Titan Up!!!

    Levi Bravo


PP Destinstar

Get Cynthia off the show


Before I watch I know she will pick against my vikings now we shall watch and see…
Edit: I was right 😂

Gil Gonzales

Lets go PACKERZ… shout out from T E X A S


    Yeah yeah

Gil Gonzales

it would be nice if they had some NFL CHEERLEADERS standing somewhere on this show… that would get more SUBS
i have spoken


    Cynthia is all we need pervert

Jack Robins

does Cynthia know you can win by more than one possession?

Kuron Glenn

49es win 33-16

    Kuron Glenn

    Not after last week’s loss to falcons

DatBoiTrey _

If the eagles struggle on the giants and redskins, how tf will they beat the cowgirls

Proppa Music

*Buccaneers been on a row lately.. don’t sleep*

    Mike Fury

    Not to mention Winston needs 900 yards to break Manning’s record. You might say oh so he needs 450 yards a game that’s impossible but the last two games he’s had over 450 lol





Papi chulo

Every prediction from Cynthia 26-24

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