“We had to lock in” || Deshaun Watson talks Texans adversity and victory – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
David Jauregui


Wuzi Mu

he has so much potential, and i can’t imagine him not to continue to grow. he had a few slighty behind, and low passes. but i expect him to keep improving in all aspects as he plays more. he still misses some open men, and holds the ball too long, and processes a little too long. but no one is perfect, and watson is still great, and will continue to improve on his weaknesses. and he has the freedom with BoB to do basically whatever he wants. so as he continues to get better at reading defenses i expect there to be a lot more audibles.

    HTX 713

    @Davor Stjepic Exactly and the crazy part is is that he really thinks hes right and actually not being biased at all🤦🏽‍♂️ which would probably be better cuz at least he would know the truth🤣🤣🤣🤣

    HTX 713

    @Wuzi Mu Wow did you really just say we can win the Superbowl?🤦🏽‍♂️this just proves what I said in my comment about you really not knowing football 😁😁😁 💯✊🏽✌🏽🤘🏽🐂

    Davor Stjepic

    @HTX 713 I agree. We can’t argue with feeble minded folk. They run on presets and there is no brining them to sense.

Candy Cane Network

Love u DW4 but please stop killing us with these interceptions my boy we barely won today

    Carlos Leal

    Lol chill out. One wasn’t his fault and hes only thrown 2 all month before this game

Paul Jones

i watched clemson in the college championship i remember saying what a shame we (Houston Texans) cant have a quarterback like Watson. we had maybe the 16th pick in that draft no way we could get him. & like quid pro Joe says well SOB we got him !!! We got a quarterback Go Texans !!!

HTX 713

Bill O’Brien is not doing a good job developing Watson like Reid and Harbough with there QB’s smfh we need a new coach no matter if we make the playoffs or dont

ryan hayes

They all need to play as if they are the underdog for every game. As if they have a chip on their shoulder. Keep that and we can win

David Rogers

Please get rid of Bill O’Brien….. he’s trash

Davor Stjepic

Dude, we love you here in Houston, but for the love of God do something to get rid of that inept head coach O’Brien!


Htown 😍😍😜

jacob solis

Somo’s TEXANS!!!

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