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Renato Sogueco Reply

H T T W F T F R O M S E A T T L E !

Joe Hewitt Reply

Keep fighting coach R.

Lew Google Reply

Can we move on now from perseverating on the coach’s illness? He seems like a very fine person, and we all wish him well, but it cannot benefit him to continue to barrage him with questions on this subject at this point in time. Enough already. Get well, RR!

    Velour Watts Reply

    That interview was 3 days ago and they haven’t went live since Friday, so of course they are gonna talk about it. Hush 🤫

leogoku13 Reply

What’s up with the dumb countdown?

Crandon Hector Reply

Julie and Santana thank you for the great insight and information. Logan your doing awesome work 👏. Thank you for getting out there thru COVID.

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