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Ryan Duffy

Big game this Sunday! I know it’s going to be tough, but if we all band together and bolt up I think we have a chance at losing! Bolt up!

    Ryan Duffy

    @doofart I know we have a tough road ahead of us, but a good draft pick is in sight! Bolt up!


    @Ryan Duffy true we really need o-line help


    Cant wait to see how the chargers find a way to lose this week

    Kirk Moore

    They’re already thinking of vacation time in Vegas. They have been since about week 7…

    John C

    Go bolts! ⚡️⚡️⚡️

basketball boy


    basketball boy

    @Beau _17 you stuck

    Beau _17

    Stuck in what ??

    Beau _17

    Pretty sure you mean suck lol 🤣

    basketball boy

    I ment to say suck

Beau _17


    fonsie 32



Dean spanos will never invest in an oline

    Kirk Moore

    He’s spending all his hundreds on ugly 4th rate linemen. Bosa is entering his 5th option year on defense. Spanos will either tag him or he’s off to play with his brother. His rookie season was not pleasant dealing with the skinflint….

    Frankie Y

    Spanos family are literally the worst owners


How about you guys beat the Chiefs and avoid 0-6 in the division?

    Kirk Moore

    That’s very good! Humor makes the world go round!

    Lowkey asab

    No lose we’re already eliminated and higher draft pick that means a better quarterback

    Kirk Moore

    @Lowkey asab
    I’m sure if Spanos digs deep enough, he can find another Ryan Leaf. He doesn’t have Beathard or Butler around to interfere with his doofy picks.

    Lowkey asab

    Kirk Moore I just looked up who Ryan leaf was, damn that’s a tuff story

Lowkey asab

Chargers Draft Justin Herbert !!!


I see you Allen, with that adidas hoody 🔥🔥🔥🔥

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