Walking Together Forever Ep 5 – ‘The Kick’ – The Story of the 2009 New Orleans Saints – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Walking Together Forever Ep 5 – ‘The Kick’ – The Story of the 2009 New Orleans Saints

Episode 5 of Walking Together Forever, the story of the 2009 New Orleans Saints takes a deep look at Garrett Hartley's game-winning kick in the NFC championship game. Fifth of a seven-part series on the Super Bowl XLIV champions.

Walking Together Forever – The Story of the 2009 New Orleans Saints
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Ep 2 – 'Starting Strong' –
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Ep 4 – 'Playoffs' –
Ep 5 – 'The Kick' –
Ep 6 – 'The Game' –
Ep 7 – 'Being a Champion' –

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Ryan Flanagan

Go Saints


Wow Tracy that’s scary lol.

Matt Folse

“Pigs have flown. Hell has frozen over. The Saints are on their way to the Super Bowl.”

Best call in Saints history.

    Aaron Morris

    Is there still a sports franchise in that waiting room?

    Matt Folse

    Aaron Morris I think technically the Browns… since the merger, at least.

cee mill

Garrett Hartley will forever more be a Saints hero


Good seeing ol’ P.T. Cruiser

Spencer Murphy

miami again this year saints taking it all


We were destined that year. Sure feels like we are this year too. Can’t wait to find out.
Who dat!⚜

austin sellers

The 1 dislike came from either kurt warner, Brett Favre, or payton manning. Its insane drew slayed 3 top 10 all time qb’s in 1 playoff run!

Evil Dax

This season reminds me of the 2011 season. Saints were 13-3 and was a wild card that year

    SaintsGoated 32

    Evil Dax Yep Falcons went 14-2

Willie C Jones

Saints should pick Jonathan Taylor in draft

    Paul M Davis

    Willie C Jones I would rather try and get one of the WR from LSU

Evil Dax

Saints should tank for a better draft pick.

    Anthony Hineson

    You must be a falcan fan

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