Walking Together Forever Ep 2 – ‘Starting Strong’ – The Story of the 2009 New Orleans Saints – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Walking Together Forever Ep 2 – ‘Starting Strong’ – The Story of the 2009 New Orleans Saints

Episode 2 of Walking Together Forever, the story of the 2009 New Orleans Saints goes into detail on the team's hot start to the 2009 NFL season.
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Ryan Flanagan

Go Saints


Let’s goπŸ™Œ


we got this bring home the trophy

    Ryan Flanagan

    Go Saints


1:22 That’s the game plan for Green Bay and San Francisco.


    For EVERY team.

Ethan Etland

Esketit new Orleans let’s get the ring

KBlaise Stoltz

Who dat! Baby!!

Soulja For God77

We ready we ready we ready for all of y’all. Vikings San Francisco and whoever else. Miami here we come again…….

Caden Oatey

Why would you want to remember the bountygate??????? Lol

    Caden Oatey

    Saints are cheaters just like New England


    Bountygate… The equivalent of betting $10 on a game of pool for these guys. Only legal hits counted. On top of the entire league being something of a bounty (at least on defense), where the hardest hitting players get payed because they hit the hardest, cause turnovers, make the other team want to quit, knock them out…

    SaintsGoated 32

    Caden Oatey Did we deflate footballs???

    Caden Oatey

    @SaintsGoated 32 No, but the Saints did worse.

    Caden Oatey

    @behinddoornumber1 a majority of those hits were dirty.

Joe Parker

The league wants west coast team to the super bowl

Matt Slay

10:38 I’m so jealous of this guy catching that ball. He reels it in like he understands how special it is though, so much respect for that.

Evil Dax

2009 season was magical. I remeber when the Saints played the dolphins. When they reviewed that darren sharper pick 6 somehow the replay thing wasn’t working


Vikings fan here, I’m expecting us to get ran over and exit first round but if it does happen please beat the packers, they beat us twice this season. But uhhh good luck on Sunday. SKOL

Walter Palmer

LaBrees-iana. Drew is now a legend.

Walter Palmer

At Purdue, team colors were black and gold, for Drew (in college).
Saints, the black and gold (pro). The colors of “home” for Drew.


This is making me so hot

Paul T

We NEED to come out STRONG and just take their momentum away from the GET GO! If you take it away, it’s so hard to turn those feelings around and become a POSITIVE force again! SO, COME OUT STRONG and CRUSH their SPIRIT from the START and ride that HIGH all the way to MIAMI, AGAIN! BLESS YOU BOYS! WE LOVE OUR SAINTS! I say you have this by 28, at least!

Sam Ripplinger

Bounty gait season.

Ryan Flanagan

Go New Orleans Saints

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