Walking Together Forever Ep 1 – ‘Smelling Greatness’ – The Story of the 2009 New Orleans Saints – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Walking Together Forever Ep 1 – ‘Smelling Greatness’ – The Story of the 2009 New Orleans Saints

Episode 1 of Walking Together Forever, the story of the 2009 New Orleans Saints explores the formation of the team and how an inspirational talk from Pro Football Hall of Famer Ronnie Lott helped the players understand how good they could be. First of a seven-part series on the Super Bowl XLIV champions.

Walking Together Forever – The Story of the 2009 New Orleans Saints
Ep 1 – 'Smelling Greatness' –
Ep 2 – 'Starting Strong' –
Ep 3 – 'Unique Bond' –
Ep 4 – 'Playoffs' –
Ep 5 – 'The Kick' –
Ep 6 – 'The Game' –
Ep 7 – 'Being a Champion' –

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Why? You either release the video or not. Wtf is this bullshyte?

    Lucas Pav

    Its called marketing


Let’s go

Willie C Jones

Let’s go

Gucci Narwhal


Paul T

Go saints!

Mike Larry

Beat the brakes off these next 3 teams so the REFS or BAD CALLS will not Hurt or Dictate the Games. WE GOT A STRONG DEFENSE THAT TRAVELS AND A VET QB RECIPE FOR SUCCESS.

    Parker Gabriel

    Well said.


WHODAT Salute to the champs. Thanks for the hard work and dedication it took to win the chip ❤️

Ryan Flanagan

Go Saints

Ryan Flanagan


Ryan Flanagan

I am respect for the Atlanta Falcons

Nicole Pickell

Another one this year.

Ryan Flanagan

Go New Orleans Saints

Brody Dawson

The Super Bowl 44 story is one of the greatest stories ever but this year it’s time to write a new greater story and show the world who the real QB goat is

Avery Cooper


Nola 360

2009 was one of the greatest moment and for that I thank you! I see lots of similarities in the 2019 team, let’s continue to build on this greatness. Who Dat! #ProwlKillEat

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