Von Miller joins GMFB to preview Super Bowl LIV, Drew Lock’s 2020 season and more – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Colt Culver


Elephant Rifle

Hopefully we can get back there in the next 5-10 years, go Broncos!

    Three Bros

    Elephant Rifle 5-10?


    @Three Bros winning the superbowl every 5-10 years isn’t terrible, lots of teams would love for that to happen

    Three Bros

    Shake I know but I think possibly sooner


    @Three Bros me too

    Darion Spencer

    I say less than 5 years.. it’s gonna be lock & Mahomes for at least a decade going back & forth

Brian Warner

Broncos will be in the top 5 seed this year

Piet K

Seeing it today, this strip sack was close to illegal hands, hands to the face penalty


    That rule wasn’t nearly enforsed like it is today. It might not have even been a thing in 2015 and if it was it was very rarely called on pass rushers


    Different times

    Rene Rivera

    Yeah that’s a flag in today’s nfl. And to remind you guys Von had one at the near end of the game but years ago it wasn’t a thing 😒

Pablo Escobar

I love how highly he speaks of lock

    Kevin Cutter

    Did you see his phone cal with him when he got drafted? Miller is an awesome leader

Advanced Ghost

Nice von


the way he talks about Lock makes me like Lock even more and I didn’t even think that was possible

Gear Head

Von glad you in bronco country. 💪💪💪


Let’s gooooo lock


keeping Chiefs offense off the field is key. Keeping 49er’s offense off the field is key.

Hugh Jass

See the broncos in the Superbowl next year

    WolfPaugh TV

    Hugh Jass nah. I think a playoff win but our cornerbacks aren’t good anymore

Drea D'lux


Jack Black

Kay adam is fine

Cameron Clark

Von is a baddd mannnn

BrokemyKeyBoard aka sqiuppy Or kpg

Vons shirt is just amazing

BrokemyKeyBoard aka sqiuppy Or kpg

Bruh he’s a bronco why would he pick the chiefs?

    SCU Productions

    Dude come on stop being so hateful of a team. Just because he thinks the chiefs will win doesn’t mean he wants them to. Like jeez.

    BrokemyKeyBoard aka sqiuppy Or kpg

    SCU Productions there In the same division

Quentin Reaux

Serious Miami Vice Déjà vu ~ 😩🤢🤮

Dennis Neely

I’m with Vaughn…all in on Lock…Broncos fan….

Aaron Weaver

We will win SB 55 and 56. Mark my words. Lock and loaded.

Spicy Raspa

von miller at rb make it happen

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