Vikings Locker Room Reactions After Playoff Loss – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Vikings Locker Room Reactions After Playoff Loss

Listen to the best sound from the Minnesota Vikings players locker room clean out interviews concluding the 2019 season.

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Cool aid grape Grape is the best flavor


Khalil Hopkins


Gamer boy 101

Guys there is always next season but best words are you like that

Chance Adam

Hope we get back next season

    Gro Skunk

    These guys will never play well in the playoffs, losing so many times while within arms reach of the SB has emotionally broken them

    Everyone was stealing my name annoying

    Gro Skunk You are so negative, or it makes them stronger

    Gro Skunk

    @Everyone was stealing my name annoying stronger? As soon as they started losing against the 49ers their sideline looked like all hope was lost

    My name is Connor

    @Gro Skunk if we can get Home feld next year Vikings will win the super bowl

ivan hernandez

another game, another year without superbowl 🙁

    Isis Sabra

    I know in the team history many Superbowl appearances not 1 dang win. And now this current team 2 playoffs in a row, 1 win second game all losses. Why, why why??

    taco highlite

    @vikeirishman Same 🙁

    taco highlite

    @Pedro Aguirre Same as my dad he’s another year dead 🙁

    taco highlite

    @Pedro Aguirre We only lost those super bowls cause we were a cold team SKOL your a real one and we had heartbreaking losses and that made peopel think we were chokers and then it led up to us being a choking team.

    My name is Connor

    Vikes need home feld for us to get to the sb

Gavin’s Savage


Ben Lopez

C’mon we had that game maybe next year


    Minnesota was nowhere close to winning.

    King Kong

    THAT1CHICKEN boi we were pretty close until o neill got hurt. When o neill got hurt our o line became worst and it went down hill from there


    U get it, went down HILL

    My name is Connor

    Lol no we didnt Vikes had no chance

    King Kong

    My name is Connor yes we did, but we had to many mistakes. Sherels muffed the punt, O’Neill got blindsided by bosa, Adam thielen int, dalvin couldn’t get going. Maybe some more, and all of these mistakes going against a fully rested 49ers team 🙁


Every time we have a good year offensively our oc gets poached 🤕

    Turner Jensen

    That’s usually what happens for all teams

    Gary Oak

    Cktripleplay FN you need to put that crack pipe down dude. Cousins is one of the best in the league. You have CDS. And probably TDS too.

    Cktripleplay FN

    Gary Oak ok yes but they changed there whole offense for the niners game if they would of played like they did vs saints would have a better shot

    Cktripleplay FN

    And please chill with the comments

    Pedro Aguirre

    we need a good quarterback that can run and scramble

ryan damon

SKOL for everyone locker room 💜💜💜💛💛💛

Jesse Smith

It was a good season. I had fun. Could of been worse, could of been better.

Carlos Krueger



    👍Go Vikings

    dan dankowski

    Whatever. Well bring it in like, 2034. We’ll destroy the Tokyo Samurais!!


A step forward this year overall I think, but a lot to learn from this season. Skol!

C1utch lol

I love Everson so much he’s such a calm down to the earth person


    C1utch lol I hope we can keep him 🤞

Eric Johnsen

please bring back everson


    Eric Johnsen except Reiff and rhodes

    Lam Truong

    @SAMUEL DEYLE and literally the whole O line

    Daniel Olsen

    Now you guys are smart

Anthony Basol

We need better coaching we get some many players and weapons just to be average we need leaders and people to step up and bring energy to the team and right now nobody is like that for the Viking

    TXL _

    Facts we have talent everywhere(except cb) but terrible oc every year

    Daniel Olsen

    If we have terrible oc every year then why did diggs and Thielen get 1000 each in 18, and why did we make it to the championship game in 17? And why did cook get 1000 yards this year along with diggs? God you guys are non believers

    Gary Oak

    Daniel Olsen 1000 yards isn’t that much dude. I’m not sure how that equates to winning a super bowl in your mind. It doesn’t matter if they had 10,000 yards. If you don’t win, you fucking lost. We have the most pathetic coaching staff in the league.

    What you’re trying to say just makes no sense. You’re an enabler that doesn’t know what you’re talking about.

    TXL _

    Daniel Olsen I’ve watch every Vikings game since mike Zimmer came in those stats don’t attribute to offensive play calling. You named three guys who are easily top 30 offensive players in the league. That’s talent. Go and search up mike Zimmer record against winning teams and you’ll see for yourself. The guys a great defensive coordinator but fails to get anyone decent on the other side most of our stats comes from playing completely garbage teams

    Anthony Basol

    Daniel Olsen stats don’t matter my guy they get those off of being good but they can be so much better and why is it when it matters the most like in the eagles game we only score 7 points in a nfc championship game wtf is that and we only score 10 points against the 49ers and get shut out in the 2nd half how do we do that will all that talent I mean cmon we definitely need better coaching

Mary Williamson

These men have been a class act all season, win or lose. I’m proud to be a fan of this team. SKOL Vikings! 💜💛💜💛

shoua Thao

It’s the coach fault vikings lost. The game plan going in and no game plan adjustment are why vikings lost.

    Anthony Basol

    Daniel Olsen no dude zim just barely gets us to the playoffs that’s it he’s to soft in big games we barley won that game against the saints then we get blown out in the championship game with all that talent on that team we could’ve won the Super Bowl and stefanski also sucks I mean he even got a healthy cook this year and we only score 10 against the 49ers and got shut out at the half we’re lucky the saints were so hot we need people who are gonna step up in big games and zim is not it


    ​ Anthony Basol You have way too simple of a view of football/the NFL. It’s not like we hire a new head coach and the exact same players will magically carry us to a 19-0 season. At the end of the day, coaches need to teach good technique and run effective schemes and the players have to execute.

    Not every single roster move is going to turn out. Not every play call is going to work. Not every player is going to give it their all every game. Sometimes luck or the football bounce the right way at the right time.

    Take for example Nick Bosa intentionally hurting O’Neill and nothing happening for it, no ejection or anything to compensate, just 15 meaningless yards after a punt. Obviously losing your best lineman on a weak oline hurts. So is O’Neill at fault for being too weak to keep playing? Is it the referees’ or NFL’s fault for not doing more in response? Is it Zimmer’s fault for being “soft” and it passed on to O’Neill somehow? Is it Spielman’s fault for acquiring someone who can get concussed, or not having more depth at RT? Is it Stefanski’s fault for not being able to play call around O’Neill being taken out of the game?

    Think of all the teams in the league that change coaches or GMs every year or two in response to losing seasons. They’re all garbage. Now imagine how stupid it would be to change coach or GM when your team makes the playoffs nearly every season.

    ROCKET MAN Space Odyssey

    Your entire team got kicked in the nuts
    LMFAO 😂 🤣

    My name is Connor

    Zimmer got out coached the Niners were a better team Vikes had no chance in that game but theres always next year skol


    @My name is Connor So the 49ers being rested and the Vikings having to play two road games in 6 days is overcome just that easy huh?

Q Green

Good season. Saw a lot of potential in Bisi Johnson, Irv Smith, Odenigbo and more. But Can we get offensive line and solid corners please lol

    SSM Creations

    Q Green amen brother

    Daniel Olsen

    No we really just need Rhodes gone and we’re good


damn, hearing Everson saying he just wants to win one super bowl makes me so sad. We’re such a good team, but always comes up short! Hope we do better next season. #SKOL

    R. Smith

    @Ryan Beseke yes and no. Statistically his record with the vikings is impressive compared to prior years however something’s gotta change.

    Squid Usn

    As a 49er fan, I wouldn’t have minded if the Vikings won this game, went to SB, and got a ring.

    taco highlite

    @Squid Usn Thanks

    My name is Connor

    @goat X3 dude were making the playoffs next year we have a easy schedule and our team is stacked Vikes just need home feld for us to win it all

Error Match

Kevin Stefanski was already out the door, he couldn’t care what happened. The most boring offensive playbook in the entire league yesterday. It was ridiculous. Happy to give him to you, Browns

    Daniel Olsen

    Or the niners have a defense

    Gary Oak

    Daniel Olsen no. We’ve already established you’re clueless. The dumb SOB started the game with failed run, failed run, 3rd and long. Way to set up the QB for success.

    Cook went no where all game. They never gave Kirk a chance to throw the ball. The dude isn’t qualified to be cleaning toilets. Neither is Zimmer.

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