Was at this game we silenced the crowd


    More than silenced… looked like most of them left entirely.


    Yeah at halftime there seemed to have been way more orange than red in the stands lmao.

    See Yourself Happy

    Was there as well….
    Denver Broncos fan living in Houston who has been a Texans season ticket holder since their inaugural year, and I wear my Broncos gear every single game!!


    tn15 at the second half when we were in third down and the announcer told them to get loud I heard no one screaming

    See Yourself Happy

    @Mykel It was hilarious….
    Their feelings were hurt and their faith was destroyed!


Lock is the real deal. Future looks bright!!!!


At last something to look forward to that’s realistically positive.

Cory Sheda

Elway might have finally found our Q of the future

    K The man

    BiG GHost elway had a lot to do with actually going through with the pick. It was elway that said he was “smitten” by drew lock in January.


    Don’t forget teams like the bills going 30+ years without finding one #inelwaywetrust guys been here what 5 years? Two super bowl appearances a super bowl win and appears to found the future after just a few years

    BiG GHost

    @Zack Josh Allen has a lot of potential to be that for them. Also Jim Kelly was playing just 23 years ago, so idk where you got 30+ years from

    BiG GHost

    @K The man yeah because he personally scouted him, but definitely needed input from the Broncos scouts in order to finalize the decision

    K The man

    BiG GHost I’m going to thank the scouts and elway. Everyone played their part in bringing lock here. Everyone did their job. However, I can’t agree with the notion that elway had absolutely nothing to do with bringing lock to Denver. In what kind of world does the general manager not have any say in what QB is going to carry the torch? This was a do or die situation for elway as GM. I’m sure he did his fair share of research. Lol


Growing pains and character building season. We have a young talented core. Rookie Coach, Rookie OC, Rookie QB. Its only up from here.

    Sports Braa

    WeFreestyleForever I like the ‘tude Dude!

Joey Garcia

It may have taken the whole year, but the Broncos have found good players at most all their positions. What looked like the worst team in the last few years may turn out to be the best of the three.

    Joel Ramos

    i know the should’ve doesnt exist, but we should’ve been in second in AFC West. Next year, this same defense plus the addition of Bradley Chubb and Bryce Callahan. We draft or sign a #2 receiver to pair with Sutton and Fant, draft O-line.

    Jakob Wedel

    @Joel Ramos We could still finish 2nd. We just need to win out and the Raiders to lose to us and someone else

jacob mondragon

Kareem need to wear a cup😂

Broncos Stampede

Kareem Jackson Had The Best Ruturn To His Fromer Team Game That Anyone This Year!! #WeReady #LockedDown

    BiG GHost

    *return *former *than

    Also, do you really have to capitalize every first letter? How annoying

    Ivan Cruz

    BiG GHost you must be fun at parties

Brandon Hatchie

The former team revenge game Bradley Roby (DEN) v Kareem Jackson (HOU) this one was mind blowing

    BiG GHost

    How is it revenge if they both chose to sign where they went? If it was a trade, ok


The people who dislike this are haters

    BiG GHost

    Or Texans fans

Andrew Trigueros

1:14 the excitement on that dudes face behind Vic lmao

    Slightly Above Average

    I noticed that to 😂 he loved it more than the players did lol


Texans: our win percentage is 68
Denver: That ain’t very cash money of you
Also Denver: crowd be gone

    BiG GHost

    This makes no sense, just delete this

Ronnie Castellano

The excitement about being back on wednesday!!! Lol!!!


Proudest I’ve been of this team since the Super Bowl win! Rocking my bronco gear with pride tomorrow let’s gooo!

Gabriel Cain-Martinez

Media says “Broncos have 1% chance at making the playoffs” Broncos fans say “So you’re saying there’s a chance!” Let’s go Broncos


    Sadly i think it’s more about other teams losing than it is about us winning out

Cater Gil

Love seeing this I am so amped for what next season will bring but we still gotta finish off strong #beatchiefs #itaintover

See Yourself Happy

It’s hilarious how so many fellow Broncos fans have been crying about everything all year, and the moment the Broncos play a complete game they come back talking as if they never lost faith in who the Broncos will be!
I love and support the Broncos in the best and worst of times, and I never falter!! I am a real Broncos fan!!

victor j. martinez

Besides Drew, Mr.Jackson you are in the host of other favorite players on the Broncos I now love ! Yeeee, Haw MF’S watch out NFL Denver is coming back Hard ! Love ya ‘all

Some Person

Fangio looked like he has losing the locker room a few weeks ago, now with Lock everyone is buying into his systems.

Vito Faiello

Told all you Broncos fans keep the faith in Vic he’s a awesome coach you have a winner.. I love seein him have success there as a bears fan..

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