Trayvon Mullen Playing Savvy Football at Cornerback | Raiders Review – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Trayvon Mullen Playing Savvy Football at Cornerback | Raiders Review

In this week's Raiders Review, former Pro Bowl tackle Lincoln Kennedy breaks down the rookie season and increased workload from cornerback Trayvon Mullen.

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Tays eveloution 0822

First heyyyy heyyyyyy

Nathaniel Nava

he the best raiders watch the game today and see who we need

zelo gaming

He Will be a huge part of the defense


Long, fast, talented, but also humble, simple, selfless, and smart.

Dane Bowen

Mullen was close on so many plays this year….they’re going to come.

    Makaveli Raider Productions

    Yep those missed picks are actually a good sign because soon he’s going to take them to the house.

John Giglio

Next year Trayvon Mullen on one side, Johnson a clone to him on the other. Johnson not healthy this year but Gruden and Mayock rave about him.

Dominic Manalang

Lets add deshawn shead to the defense I garuntee if gruden picks him up offenses will have trouble scoring

Steve Steele

It would be great if we drafted another very good press man CB in this upcoming draft.

Joseph Reyes

Luck doesn’t apply to this game…strategy and execution..quality players…and there you have it..a “W”


The champ is here

Real Richmond

Once the game slows down for him in his second season he will have picks for 6 . The first season in the NFL is always the fastest then everything starts to level out and slow back down to reality. He and Jonathan Abram will be dangerous 2020!


said the same thing after his first couple starts too….he is disruptive


A nice all around cb reminds me a little of namdi but Mullen is ahead of him development wise

ustedeslosricos !

In two years he will be the best CB in the league!

Jay Mead

He reminds of Peter’s

Adam adamdrew

Love the pick

Tyler Dank

Mullen is a future #1 shutdown corner. Vegas 2020☠☠💪

Jay Giovanni

Future bro bowler

Michael Brueck

What’s the word on Isaiah Johnson???

Dennis Saunders

Mullen is going to be a good one just needs some time.

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