Tramon Williams: Best dressed Packers players? | 4 Downs – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Tramon Williams: Best dressed Packers players? | 4 Downs

In this week’s episode, John Kuhn talks with Tramon Williams about the playoff push, Monday night’s matchup with division rival Minnesota, and the best-dressed Packers player.

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Tim Allbritton

Tramon is legendary. He’s a guy who really takes care of his body, has his head straight, and is still playing at at a high level. Impressive.

Lil L

I love Tramon and I’m so happy he’s on on this team.His veteran presence has to be reassuring to a lot of these young players and he’s just an all around great guy

Joshua Peterson

Give Tramon credit for absorbing tips from Woodson in dress and longevity.

Cory Wright

He’s a Green Bay G.O.A.T., that’s for sure. He’s really actually an NFL great; give the Sir his props!

Packer Daddy


Adande Scrubs

Class act

777d7777 777d7777

Let’s go D-Train
Go Pack Go!!!!


How has he not been in playoffs since ’14??

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