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Total Packers with Matt LaFleur: Davante Adams

Join Packers Head Coach Matt LaFleur and analyst Larry McCarren as they recap the Packers-Seahawks NFC Divisional playoff . This week's guest is WR Davante Adams.

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John Wilson

GO Pack Go!

Jordan Paul

@8:09 Gmo is WIIIIIDE open. Probably a touchdown to him too. At least puts us in goal to go.

    aaron berhane

    Jordan Paul Davante more reliable

    Cloud Strife

    Geronimo would have had nice gain but would have had to make a nice move for a TD.

    Davante was truly wide open, and he got him.


Larry really needs to get that finger fixed


Go pack go

Packers you need to win the Super Bowl

    Clip Central

    yes sir 🧀

    Eric S

    War eagle

Master King Lee

It’s been a decade since we won a Super Bowl! Let’s go get another one!

Go Pack Go 🧀🧀🧀

    kokokokokoko quinto

    Master King Lee nine years

    Lee Joseph

    If not this year, they will certainly win one soon

Robert Caffrey


LeAndre McCoy


Major T_99

Coach got the 95s on

Dunkin Hines

Is the Toe 100%?

    Kevin Rogge

    Dunkin Hines most likely no. From what I’ve heard from players that have had it, it probably won’t be 100% until next season

    Lil L

    If you watch the video he says it isn’t

Dunkin Hines

Everyone needs to play like they will never ever get this opportunity again in their careers. Go Pack Go!


1 game to go
Let’s get it done greenbay..Jones’s need at least 15 touches on the ground…

Isidro Medina

My packers have to do a lot of tricky plays on the field and play different my packers will win

    maria martinez


Lee Joseph

The disrespect being shown to the packers is absolutely ridiculous. After going 14-3 sweeping their division while beating seattle, chiefs and other top teams yet people still don’t consider them serious contenders? Kinda reminds me off the eagles situation when wentz got injured and nobody thought they would win the superbowl but what happened? They won it… I can see this situation happening again where nobody thinks packers will win the superbowl but they somehow will win it

    Freddy Cuba

    I rember before season started they were saying packers had 1 of the toughest schedules. A lot of the teams we beat had positive records .

maria martinez


Eric S

War eagle and go pack go

Nikolas Huffaker

Everyone doubts us and I love it, this team has great energy like the 2010-2011 team. Rodgers deserves another SB so you best believe he’s gonna fight for it!

3 piece With the soda

they still doubting the pack.. oh well sb coming our way

Freddy Cuba

Devante got super powers !

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