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Philip Brunt



We should be able to beat Seattle. The only issue is that the 49ers would be next

    David Blass

    Frankie Torres 13 with a lacerated kidney? Probably not

    (Edit) if it’s severe, he could be out of the game for 6 weeks. That takes him out for the season. If it’s a minor one on the other hand, it could be less time.

    Frankie Torres 13

    @David Blass oh I didn’t think he had a really bad injury

    David Blass

    Frankie Torres 13 yeah no. It was pretty bad. After the cowboys game he was struggling to get out of his uniform. And he could barely speak.

    B F

    One game at a time.


    We should be able to easily shut Seattle down if we can just play safe

Alex V

Let’s go BIRDS!!!

Freak A Zoid

Jeff Skyversky is the man. Facebook guru for the Eagles πŸ€”

Ruben Gutierrez

The Philadelphia Eagles are the NFC Champs!

wil brander

So they teach DBs wrong technique. Can’t always follow specific technique. Gotta be able to use instinct.


Even watching this has me tearing up. I cried following the end of this game along with the win over Dallas and the first win over the Giants.

choirboysadist ropenflogger

Fran, you are my #1 guy for Iggs breakdown, news, etc. I’m a fan and a subscriber. I watch or listen to everything you do. I’m writing respectfully, but I need to say this: the background music is beyond distracting. Please consider dropping it. Thanks, and keep up the good work being the best Xs and Os guy in the league!

Karen Stewart

I am so very proud of these men. We have another banner and I can not wait to get my new Eagles NFC Division Champs Shirt. For all that this team has gone through, multiple injuries throughout the year and they have clawed and scratched their way to the top of the division and they have persevered. The Wild Card game is a bonus! Thank you to my entire EAGLES and ORGANIZATION for a wonderful season and year! Good luck against the Seahawks.
Bird Gang Baby!!!
Fly Eagles Fly!!!
Happy New Year!

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