Top NFL Draft Prospects in 2020 | Dallas Cowboys – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Top NFL Draft Prospects in 2020 | Dallas Cowboys

With the draft season in full swing, the guys sat down to compare their evaluations on several of this year's most intriguing prospects.

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Hudson The boss

Cool vid

    Maurice young

    Bruh it says no views

Money Maker09

Yall should get Dez Bryant he has eager potential to play and win with the cowboys!🙌🏼


OT our line is getting old.

    Brian Daniel

    What’s the average age?

    Jessy Gianni

    Our oline is top 5 they are consistently underated teams would kill for the kind of talent we have up front we have to focus on building the dline now that’s where games are won in the trenches

    Joshua Mcgaha

    @Brian Daniel average age is 27 or 28


Everybody sleeps on Kyle Dugger at Safety 🤦🏽‍♂️


    I agree. Dugger hustles. Good frame. Kinda built like an LB. A lot of potential to get better. Great attitude.

    Klay Kerr

    With all the buzz surrounding the senior bowl, he will end up a late 1 or early 2 most likely

Game Clipz

Get dez back

Junior Carranza

Collin Johnson

TacoABeast 83

We should draft Randy Moss son.

Lefty Tears

I’ll take a Debo clone, and I think that’s reagor or ayiuk


What that Texas dude does for dak is he can get red zone jump balls that we need very bad..

Gabriel Valles

Devin Duvernay, 4th Round


you guys are missing the boat on the Liberty WR . Golden. YOU BETTER RE=EVALUATE. Give me that guy in round 2 or 3. He’s Dez with more speed and better route running ability.

    Fabio Robey

    ArmyMomHeatherC. Yeah im from Lynchburg AGG is beast but late or mid second we need a playmaker defensive player S CB


brandon jones ALL DAY in round 3..maybe earlier. He is a very good safety and has a knack for the ball.

Jerome Mallory

it would be nice to have an experienced scout on the show

Klay Kerr

If Kinlaw is there at 17 he will be a cowboy.McCarthy has a tendency to draft lineman and safety’s in the first round.

Doug Tyree

If this Team wants to win games that matter, it needs a return of Doomsday, Because dak has proven to not be able to compete vs decent teams, so You better be able to hold teams to ZERO to Win.


The benefit of having Coop, Gallup, Cobb and Dez is we have a strong receiver rotation not only for injury back up but also to keep WRs fresh and routes ran at 110% non stop speed when the defense always has the same CBs getting worn down, and to throw different matchups at opposing CBs keeping them guessing or over worked when trying to study video on 4 different WRs they’ll have to defend

Michael Martinez

This group will be great on draft weekend. These shows leading up to the draft, not so much..


Give me a ballhawk man. We passed up on safeties in the draft and free agency. Could of even had a mathieu lol

Black Bird

Dump dak and draft a quarter back

joe thumm

At least Jeff wore pants today…….

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