Top 50 NFL Draft Prospects

Top 50 NFL Draft Prospects

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Vincent Carrier

I feel bad for burrow. His careers already bamboozled and he ain’t even started

    Lucas Bontrager

    @Vincent Carrier how he rushed for over 1000 yards after coming off a small injury

    Bankroll Guwop

    Hillbilly Manchild breaking every SEC record that tua couldn’t break, won 6 awards heisman and a national championship how is that fluke? Tua never won a national championship starting all games.

    Davie Turner

    Vincent Carrier : since drafting Dalton the Bengals are 12th in regular season wins, 5 times in the Playoffs, our playoff record has been abysmal but with Tate, Boyd, Ross, Green, Mixon, the OL improved end of season and our schedule last season was tough. The offence needs a couple of new faces, and the squad is lacking depth of other sides however it definitely not lacking in all areas.

    Last season is an outlier, the defence needs more work and the front office is a concern on whether it will actually make an ambitious move in free agency, but with a good draft there are a lot of good pieces already there for a new QB.

    Not saying we a shoe in for the playoffs in 2020 but the team has potential and judging them off 1 awful season seems totally pointless. The team has needs and issues in front office but nothing that means that a good side isn’t possible in Cincinnati.


    @pink grape He doesn’t really have good Wide receivers And aj greens is leaving because they can’t resign him.


Well the combine is nice but broke moline will not get drafted 😀

Anthony Hewitt

Nobody: 8 year olds: fIRsT


    @Da Sports Fan nobody: nobody
    Normies: nobody
    8 year olds:FiRsr
    Good hearted bored person: No hate cu just tryna keep random streak going.

    Maxwell Vigil

    I recognise that link with my life

    N M

    OK boomer


What kind of order is this? 🤔

    Almighty Sosa300

    ImMikeyIRock9 by position, it makes it easier to group the prospects and makes the video quicker, otherwise it’d be like 45 min long

Alex Ouellette

Yo guys next time go 50 to 1, Makes it a lot easier

    York Town

    right omg

Patrick Karat

People are sleeping on Collin Johnson, WR from Texas 6”6 physical and his route running is really defined

    Cole Hawkins

    Didn’t stingley completely shut him down( I may be wrong but I’m pretty sure he didn’t get one catch while sting was covering him)

    G M

    Lol. He got locked up by a freshman. Stop it

    G M

    Christopher Law RIP his career.

    Jamal Washington

    oh yeah Call in johnson i watch his youtube videos lol and honestly he hasnt really done anything to be on someones radar but i like him i hope the steelers can get him

    k wat

    He should’ve left last year this year is too deep

Tanner Hammond

Can’t wait for Henry Ruggs III excited to see his speed

Blackthorn 461

Joe burrow: breaks records and wins he heisman

Daniel Jeremiah: best I can do is 3

    Shane Austin

    @Scary Terry you dont watch Callage Football? Shame

    Jordan Ybarra

    @Scary Terry ight thats cool. That has nothing to do with it. It says the teams so bye

    Scary Terry

    Shane Austin yo u right, mb

    Scary Terry

    Jordan Ybarra it says a lot about you when you claim to be a fan when you can’t spell the sport.


    @Jordan Ybarra surprise surprise but when you get to the NFL you will get double teamed too. That’s no excuse. Elite players overcome that


Imagine diggs going to Vikings so it would be brother vs brother at practice

    Bee Lor

    @Tommy U sound dumb as hell.


    @King Kong Buddy he even said he leavin so ur wrong lmfao

    King Kong

    BammGoCrazyy where does it say that? Unless I’m late or something please give me a source.

    King Kong

    Sergio Moralez I know he can still get traded, but it won’t be on his terms, and we can hold him without trading him. Forcing Diggs to play or sit out 2-3 years which will hurt his next contract extension with other teams.


    There is actually 3 digg’s brothers. The other one plays wide receiver and did training camp with the Vikings but didn’t make the team.

Kai George

Daniel Jeremiah: Steady Eddy

Bronnetta Thomas

This year was who love the game and what to improve the way the game is being played

Armando Olgin

I’ll never understand why anyone does a “top” list and starts it from number one; you always start from the highest number.

    Sheraaz Khan

    I just lost brain cells

    Rory Jr

    Armando Olgin because that’s how they want to start it

    Redd Kel

    Technically number 1 is the highest number where as 50 is the lowest

Bryan Hines

Why would y’all make a top 50 and then just randomly hop around it? Y’all started with 1, then 48, then 49, then 37, 39 then 18? lol

    Bryan Hines

    @w9j15g Yeah. They should’ve just ranked it that way then.


    @Bryan Hines That wouldn’t make sense. Are all the six best players in the draft going to be pass rushers?

    Bryan Hines

    @w9j15g No, I’m saying they should’ve just done like a top 5 by position or something.

    Akhil Yirmeyahu

    The full list is on the website. Production value I guess lol

Buss Boy

Chase Claypool is really good Wr from Notre Dame what about him

Ian Regal

Tyler Johnson from MN stay getting slept on.

    Tate Even

    Ian Regal yeah had 1300+ yards and 13 tds


    Hopefully VIKES pick him up


“who’s you top 50”
“well, we start at number 1”

monkey mohta

This order is wacky…

Just like CBS sports’ mock drafts 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Allan ross

Bryan Edwards is being slept on at WR

Dave Little

Every one of the top 50 comes from a big school. There are always small-school players who work their way up the draft board. This felt more like “let’s recite the names of everybody who went to the playoffs”.


This randombly top 50 pissed me off so much lol

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