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Top 25 Rookies of 2019

Move the Sticks breaks down the Top 25 Rookies from the 2019 NFL Season.

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Will Whalen

Miles at 17 stop playing cmon

    Mr.Sarcastic OD

    Gage Jernigan who?

    Mr.Sarcastic OD

    Gage Jernigan josh Jacobs has more rushing yards, averages more yards per attempt, more touchdowns, and averages more yards after contact. He did all of this it only 13 games miles had 16

    Will Whalen

    Mr.Sarcastic OD true but Jacobs started every game sanders didn’t start as the first string running back until week 10

    Mr.Sarcastic OD

    Will Whalen true I guess we’ll just see next season both have high potential mad respect to Miles


    theexdopexking he lead all rookies in yards from scrimmage how does that not warrant top 5

Andrew pierce

The sleeper… DEVIN SINGLETARY. Watch his highlights!

    The Way

    Singletary is such a stud.

    Bon Paoi

    Yes 👋 k

    Taylor Landry

    Yeah singletary was good for yall. If yall woulda kept runnin him i think yall coulda won man. I was rootin for the bills drought to end.

    Thrilling Productions

    God damn facts!!!!

    Dorian Gray



How is slayton only 25? I’m an eagles fan that’s disrespectful

    Xavier 76th Man

    @adamthesixth We own the VaGiants lol

    Nicholas Flynn

    Idk how gardner minshew behind daniel jones with better stats


    He had 48 rec for 740 yards on the Giants and his quarterback is Jones…. he’s top 10

    ARP Studio

    I have his rookie card.

    Nathan Vasquez

    Ha y’all lost

royalrod _

If Deebo Samuel , Nick Bosa or Dre Greenlaw ain’t on this list, imma be hot 😂

    Daniel Coronado



    Remember this is just opinions, lol you guys act like It’s really facts. At the end of the day it’s all about team work, this just helps me on my fantasy next year.


    The Real GOAT 123 no


    I can tell you’re a Niners fan lol but yeah Dre Greenlaw didn’t get nearly enough praise this year. I’d prefer him over DK, Gardner or that Washington LB

    DM G3

    iF My WhOle tEaMs RoStEr iSnT oN tHiS liSt iMmA bE HoT

Marianne Nahle


    Chase Kinsey

    Stormy Redhawk they put Deebo at #8 bro

    Stormy Redhawk

    Chase Kinsey , 😂, my bad I think my daughter was getting into something about then I must of missed it!! 🤐

    Pedro Sober

    Stormy Redhawk Because he has the size and speed to be the next megatron, and he had flashes this season of it. Won’t be surprised if he actually ends up being a dominant force like him, guy’s got skill.

    Gary Kelly

    @Taco Mastet hardman is right where he should be !metcalf is way low


Dk better be on here on me😂😂

    hilarious koh

    @Fresh Productions it means he is saying “he better be on here” “on my life”

    Reyyan Agboatwalla

    Why is he under deebo more yards touchdowns and dominance

    this is my name

    Fresh Productions Black people language


    How the hell is he only #12

    Andi S

    @LEUUUGM It is good to keep the chip under his shoulder.

Spencer Shilling

Like if you’re a fan of DK Metcalf

    Varun Vemuri

    AJ Brown and D.K. Metcalf will be top Wr in a couple of years can’t wait to see what they both do.

    Drenyn Chittenden

    He said Minshew was a poor mans baker mayfield. Then he says he is better????????????????…


    @Drenyn Chittenden He said that before he was drafted but he’s outplayed Baker this year

    peter serrano

    Deebo samuel > metcalf

    Aidian Neely

    Go Hawks!

Peyton Adams

I think micole hardman should have been on here

    Charlie Sullivan

    He made the pro bowl


    Metcalf should be top 5

    Red_Chiefs 15

    Peyton Adams he’s not?

    Lucas Zayden

    @Jayden Rhone I feel you but Mecole played double if not triple the wr snaps that Harris did due to the injuries earlier in the season to Hill and later to Watkins as well

    julian marshall

    Mecole should definitely be about 7 or 8 imo


Slayton was underrated af this year

    4 YEETS

    Subscribe to Jake Thiry

    Taylor Landry

    He was clutch for me on my fantasy league

    Ba Doai

    Yes 👋o

Agam Chahal

8:24 mans said MIKE Shanahan 😂😂

    Chase Kinsey

    Happens all the time. Same with Nick Bosa getting called Joey smh

    Xavier 76th Man

    I peeped that too lol

    Ba Doai

    Yes a

    King Zane

    Raymond Smith rg3 didn’t ruin his career mike Shanahan played him when he wasn’t 100% cleared of his injuries

August DeeSavage


    Elijah Mitchell

    Lee Deplace giants o line is definitely worse lmao. I’ve seen minshew get plenty of time in the pocket

    Super gamer Boy

    Lee Deplace ya they have one of the best centers but that’s it

    Super gamer Boy

    David Parkes lmao giants did horrible this year like always

Jackson Freeman

Ight so where’s Mecole Hardman 🤔🤨

    Eli Gonzalez

    Fax boi

    JJ Edwards

    Why would he be on here?

    Jackson Freeman

    JJ Edwards wdym? He averages like 20 ypc, had a 106 yard return td, was an All pro, and made the pro bowl 😐

    Ba Doai

    Yes 👋 e


    Mecole isn’t even a real name lol

Benjamin Farias

DK Metcalf and Terry McLaurin should’ve been top 10.

    Colin Wills

    Benjamin Farias mclaurin shoulve been above metcalf… maybe number #5 and #6


    Colin Wills finally someone who understands

    Bri An

    Fr tho


    Aj brown is better

    Bri An

    ExoSkeleton nah

Wizzard Mane

Miles literally had the most yards out of all rookies how tf is he that low?! 🤦🏾‍♂️

    anthony patterson

    @king espo he didn’t ask for your opinion on josh jacobs, you goddamn idiot.

    Samsqanch Billy

    anthony patterson seems that your offended, can’t accept facts.

    Wizzard Mane

    king espo but Sanders has more yards so……how?

    Andrew Reddy

    @Wizzard Mane on less touches too

Lettuce Pants

Y isn’t Dre Greenlaw here 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

Lawrence Lejay

Terry McClaurin was definitely a top rookie WR

Young14 Pappa

Where tf is Mecole Hardman🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

Kool Kat

I love how #20 just pushes people and they refer to him as a “tackling machine”

    Getachew Assen

    Kool Kat your talking about Mr. 105 tackles, 1sack, and 3FF

Bronco Nation

9:46 don’t do me like that. I thought Lock was the pick lol

    Mr Badatlax

    Bronco Nation smh me too dude

    Bronco Nation

    Mr Badatlax lmao


    I thought Risner would be on this list.

    Bronco Nation

    Beau he should have been. He’s not really talked about much tho.

    Bronco Nation

    This is more of a popularity contest

Forever Clumsy 2

They sleepin on Darnell Savage bro😴 at least they recognized Jenkins and I hope Rashan Gary isn’t a bust

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