Top 100 Moves (Jukes, Stiff Arms, & Hurdles) of the 2019 Season – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Andrew pierce

Derrick Henry has entered the chat

    Just Sayin

    You’re a Bengals fan.

Isaac H.

I better see Barkley’s stiff arm in the top 10

ddannik a_

Big Truss G🅰️🆖

    Tony stark

    ddannik a_ yessir we gonna get em next year

    Sam Cannella



No Micah Hyde going full 360 for a TD?

You ain't talking Shit now

Me: Overload, no more videos…

NFL: Don’t care! Watch another one!

Me: Okay. Thank you

    In ter Tane mint


    Just Sayin

    Totally me

    Mot Kaou

    Yes t


Lamar’s stiff arm to Tj watt

Jerry Garcia

What about dak when he stiff armed a Redskins player so hard, the people of Australia heard the man hit the ground on week 17

Adriel Isai Perez Santos

saquon’s tackle breaking move and stiff arm needed to be top 10

    Joshua Blair

    Dude literally planted that dB into the ground

    Watch & Learn

    Joshua Blair with one arm!

    Watch & Learn

    I immediately went to the comments section looking for this comment


    Number 58 and Number 19 both need to be much higher

Quentin Booker

Dre Kirkpatrick always getting stiffed arm by someone 😂😂😂😂

    Joshua Blair

    Quentin Booker my exact thoughts

Kman Harvin



    @Breakglass Dawkins
    Thee is also not many black QBs in the NFL they tend to be the slower bigger white guys

    Bon Goaie

    Yes g

    Ian Finegan

    Ryan Flanagan nice

    Da Meme Guy

    Finally a commentator says ankles

    Bradley N.



13:24 that dude through a punch a bell

    Hello my darling

    Nice name bro


    CHIEFS ALL THE WAY Red Kingdom for life

    Nick -

    English is hard.


    Nick – lol Ik I messed up

    Bon Goaie

    Yes e

LA 99

Saquon should ve been way higher than 58

    Andre La Flamme

    LA 99 Fr he did dude dirty

Ace Woody

12:41 My goodness

    Navon Myhand

    He made one of the best safeties of the year look like an absolute scrub

    Ryan Flanagan

    I am employee


This should realistically be a lamar jackson and Derrick henry highlight reel

    Ethan Perez

    L FD just a little highlight would be better

    Shark Puppet fan.


    Shark Puppet fan.


    Mot Kaou

    Yes a

Nathan Perez

Jackson, McCaffree, Kittle and Henry alone do more for highlights than the entire Browns’ decade of football.

    microwave cake

    imagine them all on the same team

    Nathan Perez

    @microwave cake Too many egos, most likely (Browns 2019?). Would be scary as hell if possible, though.

    Navon Myhand

    @Nathan Perez Jackson and Henry got together fine in the Pro Bowl and I don’t think Kittle would mind all the blocking. McCaffrey could just switch from WR/HB and now you have a super team. Pretty much the first team all-pro offense as well

    Ruben Krishna

    Nfc east real lifesucks watching this you can’t tell

    Sauce Jackson

    Hopefully Browns get a new Qb

Erica Bartlett



Waiting for that deebo samuel juke against the hawks in week 17

Sahith Sivalanka

7:37 when you make everyone slide tackle in FIFA


    I’m dying 😵

    ahab marab


    TheRewivsMan Tv

    Bon Goaie

    Yes b

    Navon Myhand

    He made 2 cuts and made 8 people miss 😂

YT FillHerGuts

2:54 the midget running behind him with the bull and the X on his chest. He should get player of the year rotflmao

    Deshun Watson Fan

    YT FillHerGuts sorry Fornite kid didn’t mean to offend you and your glasses jokes play a real game later too

    YT FillHerGuts

    @Deshun Watson Fan LOL I’m old enough to be your dad don’t start trying to be toxic because I wasn’t but i cam be so dont start kid… I was just saying you need glasses because for one you couldn’t tell that was a midget and for to you cannot read Because I said I’m not mad it had nothing to do with you. Sorry you’re getting butthurt because I put you in your place now make your way off my post before I call your mommy.

    Deshun Watson Fan

    YT FillHerGuts first of all you have a fornite picture which makes u 12 already and second I was just saying it was a BALL BOY in sports where they get pick up balls or replace it idk they help the team I was just saying since you just said it was a midget than it’s specific if u watched football plus most BALL BOYS are dwarfs plus look at my first comment

    Jaime Up

    @YT FillHerGuts just some food for thought, be a bit more creative if you’re gonna be a troll. Especially trying to pass yourself off as an adult, cause at the current moment…you sound like a dumb preteen lol


    little person* -Danny Duncan

Caleb Shin

Todd Gurley literally stiff arms a cornerback to the ground:doesn’t make the list
Shy Tuttle: taps Matt Ryan on the face (a defensive end vs a quarterback) and gets his n the top 20

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