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King Trizzy

Am I the only one crying 😔💙❤️

    Doc Santoro



    No 😢



    F Your Opinions

    Nope. The tears of joy are running strongly right now.

    Jonathan King

    Absolutely not, i balled like a baby no lie.

Hasty Highlights

Mistreated in his last years. 2x Super bowl winner, Super Bowl MVP, HOF career what more could you ask for. Wasn’t expecting it but respect to Eli. Gotta wait awhile for another Manning to spice up the NFL


    @THE 911 GT3 LIFE didn’t cheat against the Giants you idiot.


    @gpipeline they cheated that entire 07 season


    How in the hell was Eli mis treated? He had 7 straight losing seasons as the giant starting quarterback. I’m surprised they didn’t bench him sooner

    Hasty Highlights

    TRANSPORT MAN it wasn’t his fault.

JK Clumsy

Eli will always be a G.O.A.T to the Big Blue fandom. Rest easy 2 time champ

    Mark Marc

    @tido1691 I appreciate your opinion. I am a Giants fan. I been one my whole life, I just been waiting for Eli to go now for a long time . What does his last few years have to do with his Superbowls. It’s been too long since he’s done anything good and we should have benched him sooner than what we did, like around the time we got rid of Coughlin.

    Mark Marc

    @tido1691 Giants have never been known for great quarterbacks, of course we can call him the greatest the Giants ever had, before him was who Phil Simms , I mean c’mon. I don’t have a problem with calling Eli better than Phil Simms. Eli lived up to his final record 117-117.

    Mark Marc

    @tido1691 If u think that that was the first and only time the Giants and Eli used the walkie talkies then I don’t know what to tell u. I remember the article when it came out they talked about how it was going on for many games. Not just the game they got caught in.


    @Mark Marc bro its yall whole team danel jones in assssss

Muz Kamal26

Will miss u eli ur the legit GOAT

    Tsm faze ninja

    Goat of the giants lol



Dru Frazer

My hero for not only his on field play, but his off field personality. Class personified and no doubt deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. Thank you Eli.

    Mark Marc

    Remember he did participate in cheating when Walkie Talkie gate happened. Google it if u don’t remember

    Infinity War

    @Mark Marc shut up Mark Marc

    James Anthony

    He was a classy guy who took a great deal of criticism from people like Tiki Barber and others in the early years with equanimity.

Lil Robux

It’s now time for Daniel Jones. Eli learned from Kurt Warner, Daniel learned from the greatest quarterback in franchise history.

    aswells review

    Sorry but Phillip Simmons is better, he thrived in an era were u could almost rip each others heads off without repercussion

    Lil Robux

    @aswells review I guess that is fair to say. Either him or Phil Simms.

    James Anthony

    @aswells review True, Phil played in the ‘kill the quarterback era.’


    Yeah Simms was great but I got to give the edge to Eli for slaying the cheatriots twice!

Manraj Singh

Hes the best quarterback since phil simms and charlie connerly in this franchise

    Manraj Singh

    @James Anthony ya played 4 seasons but 3 of them he lead the giants to the championship game which they lost all of them and he was the MVP in one of his giant years

    Manraj Singh

    @Militantreturns idk what

    James Anthony

    @Manraj Singh He was a good one.

    James Anthony

    @Manraj Singh Eli? Yes, I don’t doubt it.

    Manraj Singh

    @James Anthony definitaly

Goip Rolm

Eli Manning was the Derek jeter of the NFL with his leadership never did drugs just really in general a well rounded NFL player and leader thank u Eli for everything you did for the New York Giants Community

    Mark Marc

    @Lil Robux I might seem that way but just think of me like a scorned man in a relationship except the relationship had been with Eli for too many losing seasons. I just been over it for too long now

    James Anthony

    ‘Never did drugs?’ OK. Neither did brother Peyton, Brady, Favre, Brees, and Rodgers to the best of my recollection, all of whom put up better regular season numbers in a pass-happy era of the NFL. He was likeable and a good QB with 2 rings. Was he a great QB?

    Lil Robux

    @James Anthony Some people might argue on that peyton one

    James Anthony

    @Lil Robux ? About Peyton being a great QB?

    Lil Robux

    @James Anthony Absolutely not. The drugs part.

Jack Pawlak

I’m not crying, you are😢



    Nick Hill


    Jonathan King

    Thank God, thought i was shedding tears alone lol

    Nick Hill

    @Jonathan King
    You’re not alone.

    Anna D

    Yes I am😢

Mario Galluccio

😭😭😭it’s a sad day in giants history let’s hope DJ can bring us back to glory

    Edward Fights

    @Jay What? Is he going to fumble “only” 30 times next year

    Luciano Souza Ienny

    @Edward Fights If we draft Andrew Thomas or other tackle, no.

    Edward Fights

    @Luciano Souza Ienny Have fun pitching up that right side and center lol

    Kyle Marini

    Eli isn’t a hall of fame giants suck Daniel Jones sucks

    Richard Pilhofer

    @Kyle Marini I see a sad cowboys fan


On behalf of myself and my late father who was a huge Giants fan, thanks for the memories.

Douglas Roberts

My childhood quarterback 😢 it hurts but it was a hell of a run

    Your One Black Friend Who Gave you the N Word Pass

    I basically grew up watching him.

    Alex Mercer

    Sure was. I will miss him. It’s like losing a piece of your childhood seeing him retire. It hurts.


    same we love eli hes a legend

    F Your Opinions

    Amen, brotha.

    Nelson Diaz



I got chills while watching this. A true class act. He was a man who showed accountability and leadership whether it was on the field or off the field. He will be greatly missed here in New York. Definitely my favorite Giant of all time. Thanks for the two Super Bowls you brought us and all of the thrilling comebacks along the way. I hope to see your name in the Hall of Fame, where it deserves to be. #10 #EliManning #Giants

    Ian Jones

    @Mark Marc Boy be quite the NFL failed to give the Giants working helmet coms so they had no choice to use walkie talkie and the NFL even said it wasn’t cheating so be quiet

    Mark Marc

    @Ian Jones If it wasn’t cheating, the Giants wouldnt have got fined. U can believe what u want, but I read plenty of articles around the time it happened and they were saying otherwise. If u think that was first time and only time they ever did it then that’s on U. It’s obvious u havnt dug too deep on this situation, wise up my Lad

    Mark Marc

    @Ian Jones And don’t be mad at me for pointing out the facts. U if don’t know then do all the research. U will not get the whole story from 1 quick article.

    Ian Jones

    @Mark Marc I knew about back when it happened idiot. Your’e the one saying they cheated when they didn’t. Even the NFL said they didn’t cheat hence why nothing Happened. So again be quiet

    Mark Marc

    @Ian Jones but something did happen, Giants team got fined, and so did the coach. Do u actually think they would go after Eli and talk bad about A MANNING, the first family in football in the media, hell no . They swept it under the rug ,similar to how the Rooney family did with Rothlessburger and his rape allegations.

Meme Miester

Who else was waiting to to hear “hey giants fans Eli Manning here” at the end

Amazing Guy

Eli could’ve played for a different team, but he’s choosing to retire rather than wear another uniform other than blue.

    Peter Sorrentino

    @mark price He has been great. he wasnt the problem. why your comparing him to Quarterbacks that doesn’t have super bowl rings. Eli is better than them.


    @mark price Dalton and tannehill are not good qbs


    @Peter Sorrentino it was time to move on buddy

    mark price

    @Peter Sorrentino My point that went over your head because you don’t study the game much… there are plenty of good quality qb’s that if they were on a decent team, they would be called better qb’s than what they are now. Any one of the qb’s I mentioned would have soared on the Pats team, or any number of good teams. Tanneyhill in his first year as a starter for another team besides the suck Dolphins, was one win away from being in the superbowl. You don’t know anything about the game.

    mark price

    @Pedaissance You dont’ know anything about the game. Both would have been great if placed on decent teams.Tannehill was the back up and took over the job. He was one win away from going to the superbowl. Can’t say he was not the reason.

Amazing Guy

People argue whether he’s a hall of famer or not, What is there to argue? Top 10 in every passing category.


    Amazing Guy ABSOLUTELY, one other thing….OH YEAH 2 SUPERBOWL wins over the CHEATRIOTS!!!!☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️

    aswells review

    Except interceptions😎

    Mitchell Kavanagh

    @aswells review what about Brett Favre? Gotta risk it to get the biscuit.


people dont realize eli manning was good in his hof career he may not have the stats but he has 2 superbowls and 2 superbowl mvps remember he beat tom brady twice in the superbowl remember he beat the 16-0 patriots eli will be in the class of 2025

    Mark Marc

    And also remember he got caught cheating. It was called Walkie Talkie gate. He got caught with the illegal use of microphones in his helmet , helping him read the defense

    Jazz Valentino

    @Marc Marc:

    Dude, I can tell, you must be the life of a party everywhere you go 😂

    Mitchell Kavanagh

    He’s got the stats, he’ll be HOF for sure. Only stat countering that is debatable due to it being a team stat (win/loss) seeing as he never had great teams he found ways to win in big moments. Most clutch to ever do it.

    David Riedy

    You wanna know a good induction of just how good Eli really was in his heyday? Before Super Bowl 46, Rodney Harrison was asked pregame who he would choose to lead a game winning drive out of Eli or Brady. And Rodney chose Eli (but it was a tough decision). Rodney played with Brady, and this is a 2011 Tom Brady too so he was still in his prime as well. To me, that shows you just how good Eli was in that time

    Mark Marc

    @Jazz Valentino I appreciate the comment, but u don’t have to give me the credit for stating a fact just look it up for yourself , Google it

El Rey Del Dinero

That’s my qb been a fan since I was 4 now I’m 20 😭😭😭😭



Baddog Sports

If this doesn’t give you chills, you don’t bleed BLUE! #10FOREVER

    Jonathan King



    Thanks for the memories 10! Class act all the way.


Eli: “I don’t always go to the Superbowl, but when I do I beat the Patriots & win MVP accolades!!!” 🏈🏆🏆🏈

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