Top 10 Games of the 2019 Season! – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Top 10 Games of the 2019 Season!

Top 10 Games of the 2019 Season!

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crazyken productions

Haven’t watched but Seahawks vs 49ers better be number 2 or 1
Edit: the superbowl imo wasn’t even entertaining no hate to the teams but like it was not number 1 worthy.

    Joe Mama

    crazyken productions the bill Texans game at #6 is just dumb

    Garrett Peitz

    Yes the SB was very entertaining. Seahawks and niners were both good tho.

    Tyler Elmore

    Steven Bengals and dolphins easily #1 because 16 points in 29 seconds onside kick hail Mary double OT


    @streight4lk The Superbowl was only entertaining for the Seacocks, Rams,Cardinals, and Chiefs fans.

    SuperMessi G.O.A.T

    levi king bag this Super Bowl was only better than last years. Both 52 and 51 were better in recent years. However it was better than 50 and 48

Banana Fanafoferry

NFL’s next countdown should be top 100 countdowns of all time.

    Breakglass Dawkins


Chad Luck

We all know that Bengals, Dolphins is number one😎

    maksss glatkikkk

    TheMacaroni Bear

    Chad Luck Let’s play a game 🙂

    Are you nice? Then read second line
    2) do you enjoy basketball?then read 3rd line
    3) then I have something for you..(4)
    I’m not asking for likes I’m just wanting to see if y’all think it’s cool or not. Please Sub 🙂



    Krishna Widardjo

    Tank Bowl

    Yung Jysa

    Chad Luck what if Brady go to Miami

King Goat24

Me: I’m going to start on homework NFL: No

    Stupid Salvadorian

    @Ben DiLorenzo yeah ik it sucks



    Aaron Serna

    Can’t relate lol

    Procore Cup Series

    You have homework. My school has this week off

    George Gillen

    King Goat24 same

Jim C. Goodfellas

Haven’t seen the list yet but that Saints-Niners game, and in particular the Kittle play at the end, would be my game/play of the year.


    @Donald Trump Jr. X which one?

    this is my name

    Don’t pay attention to that Donald Trump guy he’s a Seahawks fan

    Donald Trump Jr. X

    @Kev The first one

    Donald Trump Jr. X

    @this is my name Why? Literally anyone who doesn’t hate the Seahawks would agree that it was GOTY, especially if they realize defense is better than offense


    @this is my name Lets go Niner Nation

Zack George

Where is the 49ers @ Ravens game

    Amanda Arriaga

    Dude honestly it was so fkn good

    Rome Ceniceros

    Zack George yeah even tho we lost that was a great game


    Too much of a slugfest for people. But I loved it

Joey Schnitzer

Announcers even say it’s short

    Joey Schnitzer

    @Jesus Saucedo the bills vs Texans it’s like game 6


    Joey Schnitzer why does it matter, if it wasn’t, they’d get a first an goal at the 1 inch line

    Joey Schnitzer

    @TheCephalon because the Bills have #2 defense and #1 goal line offense that’s why

    Joey Schnitzer

    @TheCephalon they could have stopped them

    maksss glatkikkk


I actually would if put San Francisco vs New Orleans at #1. It was like Monday night Chiefs vs Rams

    Rare Cheeto

    EpicGamer14968 I still think it would’ve been incomplete cuz the position nibel robey-Coleman was in, jus saying


    @Rare Cheeto it doesnt matter if it wouldve been incomplete or not lol it was easily a bad call either way

    Juan Felipe Montoya

    Chiefs vs Rams was another level

    maksss glatkikkk

    Mark Copland

    Totally but that doesnt agree with NFL PR train. Niners Saints was best game since Chiefs Rams last season total slugfests. When the games are like that the refs dont get enough time to interfere.

I Exist.

Me: They better put Rams vs Seahawks
NFL: But the playoff games matter more…

    Payton Thornberry

    Yeah that game was great.


    That game was nutty

Anel Bratan

Bucs @ Rams ?
49ers @ Ravens ?
Vikings @ Seahawks ?

    Fortnite Hater

    Vikings seahawks wasnt great. Every1 knew Seattle was gonna win.
    The bucs and the rams was good but not great.
    I didnt watch the other game

    Pat K

    @Fortnite Hater Seahawks Rams should have been on there though

    Mustafa Halimi

    Pat K for what?😂


That first Seahawks vs Niners game was easily top 3, that game had so much back and forth


But the game that everyone loved the most was the Dolphins beating the Patriots in Foxboro.

    George P. Burdell

    @Joseph Simmons Patriots never made it to the Super Bowl without a first round bye.

    kevin ruiters

    Strange how if your team has something “England” associated with it it becomes the most “hated” one that everyone wants to lose. Except the home fans of course…..just look at the world cup rugby and cricket too.

    Dolphins 2021🔥

    Joshua Goodwin pats split with a team they beat by 43 poverty franchise


5:20 conveniently leaves out the Wilson interception in OT and the 49ers kicker missing the FG that allowed the Seahawks to finally kick the FG to win. Definitely one of the most competitive games of last season.

    Siliziwe Ncanywa

    @TheLonelyWanderer 1 but we were less than a yard short without those three guys. Surely what he said is plausible (i.e. Within the realm of reality), right?

    TheLonelyWanderer 1

    @Siliziwe Ncanywa yes

    TheLonelyWanderer 1

    @Siliziwe Ncanywa same thing can go for the Adam theilen TD against the saints last minute too tho..


    They also didn’t put the 2 plays before hollister got stopped in the rematch game.. holding and pi on defense and neither were called

Damykis Dunson

I hope that we have another game like this for the chiefs


2017: the year of most exciting games

2018: the year of the most exciting games the remake

2019: the year of the most excitng games with special guest of upset losses

    American Sports Fan

    Honestly 2018 was the best in terms of games all season but that superbowl 😬

    I'm Just Here So I Won't Get Fined

    T G 2017’s postseason was unreal and definitely one of the best in recent memory, and then the year after we go the most exciting championship weekends in 2018

    George Harry

    Joel Yetz lol the replacement refs was awesome

    William Cree

    2017: the best year for browns fans. I am not one


    upset losses brought to you by the Tennessee Titans, You’re welcome NFL world


Niners all over this list! That saints game imo was #1. Too bad we played like trash at the one game that mattered lol

Jordan Hughes

Where’s Ravens vs 49ers?

It’s Free Real Estate

Chiefs vs. Texans game: “Well the Texans need to have a fast start. You DONT want to get behind.”

Texans: Blows a 24 point lead in the 2nd quarter

Tony Romo: “Well you want to never play the Chiefs because apparently whatever I said didn’t matter.”

    Chris DuPris

    It’s Free Real Estate I was at that game and talk about everyone in arrowhead was quiet and ready to jump off the upper deck

    Elijah Bailey


    Hector Rodriguez

    Texans joins the Falcons blew a 28-3 lead in Super Bowl 51

JordanDaGoat x

Guess the Falcons walkoff td against the 49ers never happened


    Niners were all injured tho…

    Landon Jones

    Monkboy yeah but we were not picked to win by a long shot, even with all the injuries on the niners

    Sean Morris

    @Landon Jones Dolphins beating the Pats would be a top 10 if regular season upsets were a factor. I have to think the Titans vs Ravens was only in there because it was a playoff game and because the NFL loves the Ravens.

    Parker Schaefer

    Bro there’s no way that was a top 10 game of the season

    Mystic _g.0.7.t

    He wasn’t even in falcons irrelevant

DopeShits LoL

49ers had the best games of the season this year. Sad loss in the SB tho

    G M

    Says only a niners fan

    Chaos gaming

    G M no. Says everyone

    G M

    @Chaos gaming delusional forty whiners fans

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