Tomlin names Hodges starting QB vs. Jets, expects him to rebound – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Tomlin names Hodges starting QB vs. Jets, expects him to rebound

Coach Tomlin speaks about the Steelers' game against the Bills, who the starting quarterback for the Jets game will be, provides an update on player injuries, and previews the Jets game.

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Santiago Munoz

I hope the Steelers win

Corey Carballo

This how many times Coach T said significant 👇🏾

    D Baus

    Corey Carballo Again a significant amount of times.

    Miro Reynoso

    Corey Carballo coach “but such is life” Tomlin

    Erik Sixx

    Corey Carballo It’s usually “execute” 😂

    Miro Reynoso

    Or “we won’t seek sympathy” or “we won’t blink”

    Alley Oop !

    Get a life


that replay of DJ18’s stiff arm was nasty.

a b

Watch out for Diontae Johnson in good second year. He may be scary.

    mike collins

    @Colton Brown – put him along side a healthy Juju and get the running game going for some balance along with an ever improving defense!

    Tim Reid

    We ain’t doing Jack in the playoffs, with that qb

    a b

    @Tim Reid maybe realize that I said second year

    Tim Reid

    @a b They actually look pretty good, just need Big Ben. When he retires we need a mobile qb. That the future

Jessica Farrell

We Can’t Afford Costly Mistakes Against The Jets And Especially Against The Rat Birds. Cause If That Happens We Will Be Sitting At Home Watching The Playoffs With All Of The Other Eliminated Teams

Paul Buccigrossi

Fichtner’s game planning got Mike T tongue tied with a bag full of excuses at the podium this week.

    Eric Fox

    Scott Stevens he not getting paid too. sphincter got hired based on a referral without fully looking into his merit

    BIG T

    Paul Buccigrossi… Ignore this clown Scott Stevens, Fichtner getting the O.coordinators position was a terrible choice. What the hell was Tomlin thinking.

Simply La

I am proud of my team.

    Alley Oop !

    The Jets?

    Abraham Luzon

    Me too!! We got this!

    Joseph Herbert

    Me too I love my steelers💯💯💯💯💯

    Tim Reid

    Even if they make the playoffs , they one and done

    Abraham Luzon

    @Tim Reid Ok god. When is Jesus coming?


Ben’s thrown 4 picks in a game before. Proud of Duck for not playing scared. This was a great defense. Only hope Duck learned from it. Also proud of coach T for not benching him for it. Tennessee has a tougher schedule than us these last two weeks. We should be able to lock up the 6th seed then shock the world against the Chiefs.
Go Steelers.


    Itz Sombra they’ll lose against the saints then lose to the Texans again. We should be in.

    Rashaad Horne

    We juss have to win out.. If we lose next week and the titans win or lose we would be looking @ the seventh seed.. Then have to beat the ravens & Titans lose to Texans.

    Alley Oop !

    Yeah at least he didnt get strip sacked or blame the young recievers.

    Tim Reid

    Steelers future qb is not on the current roster

Jokes on me

Those bombs interceptions thrown by duck looks like something ben would do. Ben can get away with it because ben can throw bullet fast passes and hodges doesn’t look he has the power to throw that fast. Ben needs to make plays for him, not how ben can play

Terry Breedlove

Coach you have an un-drafted rocky QB. Change your play call to give him a chance. More running plays less deep field pass plays.

    mike collins

    you didn’t like the 38 pass attempts to just 15 rushes either?

    UseYour Mind

    What was the breakdown in the first half though? More runs? Felt like they were telling him he wasn’t trusted. Then second half- push it on him to make a big play. That’s rough

    Terry Breedlove

    mike collins It was ridiculous and that 15 carries includes one from the Duck himself.

    mike collins

    @Terry Breedlove – not to mention that the other 6 were evenly spread out to the other three RB’s at two attempts each… no way for any of them to get the feel for the game.


    @Terry Breedlove You do realize there’s down and distance situations that makes establishing a running game nearly impossible right? When you consistently get 1 or 2 yds on 1st down that sets up 2nd and 8 or 9 it makes it really difficult to run on 2nd down. Plus when you consistently face 9 man boxes because nobody is afraid of your QB or your weapons on that outside you can’t just pound it at those 9 man boxes. Add the fact that our O line gets no push in the run game and it’s a run game disaster. You can’t just run for the sake of running so that the fans are happy with your run/pass ratio.

mike collins

Hey coach, let’s put the game on the Duck’s shoulders again and have him throw it another 38 times if the game stays as close as it was vs the Bills. Also, try not to outdo yourselves helping out the rookie 4th string QB and give the RB’s any more than the 15 attempts they had last week either… or find some balance on offense and rely on a strong defense but that’s just my simple take.

Edward Sollis

It is what it is…hard lesson taken for duck!

jhowse 98

Everyone is out here bitching about duck but yet we are on a rookie 3rd-4th string an what do you expect him to go out there and get mvp Ben has thrown 4 interceptions in a game before but I don’t hear anyone saying Ben shouldn’t be playing on top of that duck is 3-1 can’t get much better for what we have

    mike collins

    anybody complaining about Hodges needs to shift their bitching towards the play calling that isn’t geared towards helping a young inexperienced QB.

    Discipline Is key

    That what I’m saying bro people just don’t know what their talking about. Duck plays one bad game and everybody freaks out. They forget he ain’t a starting QB.

    SteelersGoingFor 7

    Buffalo has a top 3 defense too.

Monkey Buisness

Duck made mistakes, obviously. But overall I think his failure was due in large part due to the playcalling/coaching and Offense Line struggles. He made poor decisions, but I don’t think we can fully blame him on the loss.

Shea Stevens

Steelers lost this game due to bad play calling

    Marc Derogatis


    UseYour Mind

    Yep. And sending the message ” we don’t trust you” to Duck through play calling in the first half. Wonder if that shook his confidence a bit

    percussion jamz

    randy is just flat out awful!


This will be the first time we face off against bell since his holdout and I hope that Devin bush strips him

Peter Wysochanski

As a Bill’s fan I feel required to “hate” Tomlin for 60 minutes. When the games over I’m respecting this coach a great deal. What a job he’s doing this year.

    George Coull

    Honestly he deserves coach of the year for going this far with several backups, but your coach and team is unbelievable great job up there

Benny Garr

It was a 10-10 game to me that’s control

Timothy Lewis

Mike.. stay tough.. get the job done. You gotta be Steeler tough at all times. Nothing less.

Jermaine Davis

That cough when Tomlin started talking about the Jets rushing offense XD

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