Todd Monken: Nick Chubb Has Been a Consummate Pro This Season | Cleveland Browns – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Johnny G

Fire Freddie Kitchens now before we lose to the Bungals

    Cade McL

    I hope we do lose so freddie is fired

    Jay C

    @Cade McL same.

Cade McL

Bro he made the bucs a top 5 offense last year. Why isn’t he calling the plays?


    Give him the damn team already.


    Freddie fats won’t let him


I would take Monkin or Priefer as HC with this same staff over Freddie because Freddie has disqualified himself with terrible judgement exposed during in game management repeatedly this season.

Robert Hazen

I would like to see a different 3rd down backfield, try keeping Nick in and do some play action, with Kareem in Nick in the backfield you can run a lot of different plays, especially 3rd and short, i always see Nick on the sidelines during 3rd down and also in the 2 minute offense, think its a waste of talent

    Boll Fills

    Robert Hazen I see the same thing and agree


    Freddie has 9 plays literally . That’s it so doing that is impossible


hey todd i wish you called the plays all year but hey

Baltimore, Maryland Bird Teams own the NFL

As a Ravens fan please Keep Freddie lives in the Kitchens. I see long term success…

In our future

    Baltimore, Maryland Bird Teams own the NFL

    @Jack Gauthier Lol who in the playoffs?

    Who won the division?

    Who clinched 1st in the conferene?

    Aww look at you rooting for other teams. Wouldn’t need to if you made the playoffs.
    You know you desperate when you rooting for Brady.

    Who won our last game?

    Who has two pro bowl WRs n still suck?

    Baltimore, Maryland Bird Teams own the NFL

    @Jack Gauthier So cute you gotta look all the way to a game months ago to brag when we just played a few days ago.

    Jack Gauthier

    @Baltimore, Maryland Bird Teams own the NFLyou were the Braggarts, cute…go away sonny boy! I wasn’t bragging you were, lets see what Belichick has for your boy Lamar, and see who gets the visterwery as he says it.

    Baltimore, Maryland Bird Teams own the NFL

    @Jack Gauthier I don’t give af what you doing shitty brown boy. Point is how can you talk crap with a team that’s gonna be sitting home just like you watching the playoffs


Chubb and Landry earned the right to be given or thrown the ball the all of the last game against the bungals
Mayfield earned the right to be traded! Goodbye Freddie it’s been real…a real shame!

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