Todd Gurley Press Conference: “It’s a divisional game, anything can happen” on 49ers – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Kitone Naseem

Love this guy

Med Ghouliel

Love you what ever happend

Med Ghouliel

Even u going to the 49ers .. i will love u man

    Gurpreet Singh

    Med Ghouliel what are you talking about? He’s not going to the 49ers

    Med Ghouliel

    @Gurpreet Singh i mean what ever happend in the futur


Go rams


Yea a blow out

Brain Koski

It’s really to bad I’m a rams fan but loosing a lot of interest in the nfl they get paid to much money I’m starting to like college football even more 🤔

    No Name

    Brain Koski college is a for profit bullshit also.

    Wildman Samurai

    @No Name Anyway.

Lafonso Presley

Tg only got 6 carries against Dallas, and i really think we tried to lose

Donald J Trump



Passing game coordinator should take over the play calling came out throwing WTF the run games was pretty good last 2 games. 3/4 defense is trash can not stop any runner

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