Todd Bowles on Defensive Improvements: ‘We’re Still Scratching the Surface’ | Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Hayden Cook Reply

My only complaint is the stubbornness with the blitz…if we arent getting home then we need to lay off. It becomes predictable and allows huge plays over the top ie the Chargers game.

    Brandon Dow Reply

    Nah our D number one for a reason! Blitz! Blitz! Blitz!

    TheycallmeJun Reply

    I agree. The Bucs need to disguise it more especially when the Bucs are away.

Robert Jackson Reply

All I know is we need to keep this man HERE !

    Just a Person Reply

    Pay this man!!

JJ Faris Reply

Wonder if Todd has received any head coach offers? He is well respected around the league.

    eldad mulugeta Reply

    He was a head coach for the jets a couple years ago.

    Lindsey Reply

    I hope he stays here a few more years but he deserves a head coaching gig

    JJ Faris Reply

    @eldad mulugeta did not know…..their loss, the Bucs gain

    nothing but the truth Reply

    @JJ Faris lol, yeah but he’s gone. If he goes to Atl, and can change that defense. There be right back in it

Souless Industries Reply

Best d co-ordinator bucs have had since kiffin. Bucs should pay him like a head coach to keep him.

Justin Gardner Reply

Devin White has brought a ferocity and attitude we’ve sorely missed. However, as much as I like him he gets lost in coverage behind him. He’s good with what’s in front because of his speed. He needs to work on that . SMB also has a bad tendency of losing a feel where guys are too. These two areas are the thing that worry me if they are to make a legit push .
Hopefully Bowles and LVD are drilling the no complacency in their heads. I think a young team can be vulnerable to getting ahead of themselves. Would love to see a 3-4 game roll of true defense dominance. If they can show up through the Saints game , then we have a legit chance against say Sea or KC down the road. LV will be a good test .

Floyd Halby Reply

We’re looking at the next Buc’s head coach!!!!

    nothing but the truth Reply

    That would be a smart move

aleph null Reply

Y’all’s D is legit and I say prolly the best in the league right now. I don’t see us doin much especially if our O-line is out.

    Just a Person Reply

    I’m a Bucs fan and I’ll just say that i’ve been praying your o line makes it to the game brother! We need us a real game!

    aleph null Reply

    @Just a Person thanks brother me too 🙏


We are going to give up plays..its we living or dying by the blitz. We have the pieces on offense to allow us to take those chances. As long as we when the turnover battle and play penalty free football…we are gunna go deep in the playoffs. Let’s all pray we stay healthy and dont have to lose players to this BS CHINA FLU. We already lost a #1 TE and #1 NT. Those are huge blows. Get FITZ MAGIC TO BACK BRADY!!!!

Jerry Daniels Reply

#1 Defense !!!! #$tillabucslife 💣💣💣💯

Avemtec Reply

Arguably the best defensive coach in NFL

Lindsey Reply

Q. How would you rate this defense?
A. (In pirates voice) Its rated RRRRR ☠

Lindsey Reply

For the other 31 team in the nfl i got 3 words for ya: FEAR THE BEARD

Lindsey Reply

When Todd Bowles is watching film he even takes the coriolis effect into account

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