Titans vs. Ravens AFC Divisional Playoff Game Preview | Titans All-Access – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
worms revolution fan 2012

I just can’t believe you beat the pats

    Johnny Murray

    Now itll be I just can’t believe you beat the Patriots and Ravens

    Sin City Titan

    Nobody believes except for our player, coaches , and fans. Thats how we like it. #titanup


    Ravens fan here. NE was nothing special this year. They played jetsx2, dolphinsx2, a young billsx2, bengals, browns, cowboys, eagles, redskins, and giants. If you beat the Ravens it means sooooo much more. I’ve been watching your team for couple months now game to game. All due respect, but we have to win to revolutionize FB for the future.

    Sorry long post but its a long wait for 8:15

    worms revolution fan 2012

    I know guys but Baltimore might win but I do like the ravens

Bryce Krizpy



titan upppp

Jeffrey Black


Oli Molina




Cy Graves

Lets go titans we got this #titanup

Johnny Murray

Titans D has made the plays all year to shut the door and put the W away. They’ll do the same thing today.

    Prince rose

    Except when they played the Broncos 0-20, bills, saints, panthers, jaguars and texans. But sure buddy.

    Johnny Murray

    I’ll remember that in the 4rth with 2 min left tonite and when I go to casino to collect my winnings. Ill buy you a 🍔 and fries and leave on the corner of Ocean + Atlantic. Haaaa! Seriously tho, this games gonna be great


#TITANUP Let’s get it boys

wade official

Titan up even though I’m from STL. I always had respect and love for the Titans 💯💯

Jesus Christ

The dude look like dr Oz

Nashville Lanas

This is it Titans Nation
17-14 Titans !!!!
We win when nobody thinks we should
Remember now
we don’t want to take everything … we just want the WIN!!!!
One game at a time !!

Mitch Rogers


Randy Porter

Best of luck today guys ! LOVE Mike Keith and Dave McGinnis together on the air. Great combination !

X xGamingKingx X

Hope y’all win! Go niners!

Sandra King

I can’t wait for the TITANS to upset the ravens just like they upset the patriots! 💙

Scorpion King

901 M 10

Stack Attack

Funny all these ravens fans are starting to surface.. let’s derail the hype train


Today is the day boys!

Michael Tewell

Steelers fan here but man am I rooting for the titans to whoop the ravens! AKA the rat birds

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