Thomas McGaughey FIRST INTERVIEW since returning as Giants Special Teams Coordinator – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Muz Kamal26

I’m happy we kept him

Kushendra Ramrup

I love him as our STC, such an underrated coach. I hope we keep the WR coach too.

    Joseph Clark

    Kushendra Ramrup We did — we kept Tyke Tolbert.

    Patrick Pritchard

    This dude is awesome. He has done a great job since he has been here. The unit was awful before he got here. Hopefully he stays around for a long time.

Charles Amofordjuoh

Interview coach 👏👏👏 next

    David Riedy

    Oh I’m sure they will

Joseph Clark

👏👏👏. Should have kept Lunda Wells too, though.


He did a great job, 1st move by judge was a good one. Hopefully many more to come

Erik the Blue

John always does great interviews. He always throws in some relevant information for them to expound on.

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