“This defense has players that make plays” | Steelers Live – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

“This defense has players that make plays” | Steelers Live

Arthur Moats, Charlie Batch, Bob Labriola, and Missi Matthews break down the current playoff scenarios, the defense's play against the Cardinals, Diontae Johnson's big game, and more.

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mojo15568 Reply

First let’s get it

Kupo Stiltzkin Reply

Hope like hell we beat the Bills. Gonna be a close one

    Minkah Fitzpatrick GOAT Reply

    @Chuck Kelly they’re not good their offense is garbage Josh Allen was 17 for 39 for like 150 yds I think, and when they can’t pass they won’t have a run game

    JOSE 74 Reply

    Yep gonna be a tough game! LET’S GO STEELERS!!!

    WhathehadasSole Reply

    Chuck Kelly they had a better Defense THEN and their culture hasn’t been stable with winning since the early 90’s. They might have turned the corner if Allen is a franchise qb

    rumich hg Reply

    @fmthebaron comments like you is what jinx us

    MotoPaisano Reply

    @fmthebaron bills have a good team this yr though. This aint the bills of past. Steeler dont have the offense of past. I think steelers D will hold the bills to 16 or less but will the Duck and company be able to rack up 20 or more against a decent defense?

Alex. P Reply

Love this team😪🙏🏽

Keaton Burson Reply

Remember when Batch beat the Ravens. Love Charlie

    *Eazy* YinzSpectation Reply

    Yeah when he won and burst into tears at the end.. He gave it everything he had , such an epic game

    Price Pittsburgh Reply

    Yeah then Baltimore ran the table after that and won the SB. They did the same thing in 2000. We were the last thing to beat them.

    Keenan Smith Reply

    That is the game that Batch threw that big block on the TD

    Keaton Burson Reply

    @Keenan Smith yup

Hugo González Reply

If we beat the bills and the jets Mike tomlin is coach of the year

    Draymond Mean Greene #WARRIORSCAPTAIN Reply

    @a b From a Ravens fan no you don’t. That game will mean little to nothing to us.
    Lamar is injured, and so is Ronnie Stanley, and our leading receiver Mark Andrews. So most likely all 3 will be resting. The only game we gonna take seriously is the one vs the Browns.
    Tomlin should get it regardless, if not him then John Harbaugh, or Kyle Shanahan

    a b Reply

    @Draymond Mean Greene #WARRIORSCAPTAIN the pats have done winnable games, so to keep homefield advantage you will probably need it. Take into account how you lost to the Browns before, and how the Steelers came close, week 17 will matter for everyone in the AFC.

    Draymond Mean Greene #WARRIORSCAPTAIN Reply

    @a b The Ravens would rather keep Lamar healthy n risk losing home field advantage, than play him in a rivalry game with a injury.
    What good is homefield with no 1st string QB, especially considering he a running QB who’s mere yards away from breaking Vick Record so you know he gonna run it.

    Draymond Mean Greene #WARRIORSCAPTAIN Reply

    @a b Playing our injured starting mobile qb in back to back divisional games with a injury even though we already clinched playoff berth is foolish. Especially when you find out we are without our starting center, and 2 of our best linemen are battling the injury bug. As far as the Pats go I don’t see them winning 3 straight with the BS they going through, currently.

    a b Reply

    @Draymond Mean Greene #WARRIORSCAPTAIN I see what you mean but it’s the pats

Joeschmoe Dontjaknow Reply

Steelers are playing some december football. Everything’s looking great. More deon cain! More of that white! Dude. Dionta johnson took that punt to the house from like our own 20

    Burgerswag 1375 Reply

    Joeschmoe Dontjaknow I agree, I like Deon Cain, they need to coach him to success, and I like Kerrith Whyte because he hits the holes and turns on the jets, and boy oh boy does he have jets!

a b Reply

Can we get back Polomalu just to coach?

    Rocky Rush Rivera Reply

    I wish but he wants to stay away from football as much as possible barley made a shampoo commercial been 4 years since we heard from him

Joeschmoe Dontjaknow Reply

The Bill’s got a stought front 4 and a decent middle linebacker.

a b Reply

Are we sure that Juju is the #1 receiver?

    Keenan Smith Reply

    See that is that AB BS right there. Who needs a #1? That is a recipe for drama

    a b Reply

    @Keenan Smith um… I’m pretty sure you need a #1 receiver. They take double teams from other players which allows them to get open.

    WhathehadasSole Reply

    a b worked better for the Early 2k Patriots with the, WHO’S going to beat you this week offense.

    a b Reply

    @WhathehadasSole fair enough

    Keenan Smith Reply

    @a b I would use all hands on deck and demand that my #5 receiver had the same abilities as my 1-4 that way no matter what I have all threats as receivers

Chuck Kelly Reply

T.J’s Family has’t to be proud of what He’s Doing.

    Nick Cojocar Reply

    This guy has’t to be kidding me

    Grandmas Moist MeatBalls Reply

    Nick Cojocar the hell you talking about

J Red Reply

1-4 to 8-5. Only Pittsburgh can do it

JOSE 74 Reply


Shyhem Burnett Reply

AB and BELL is somewhere punching the air right now 😂😂😂😭😭

    Frank Trejo Reply

    😂😂😂 Cuba gooding jr style

Keenan Smith Reply

We was playing December ball with a defense that wasn’t closing the back door so now we should be good.

David Janowski Reply

The Bills are going to lose this game. That gaudy record of theirs is against a bunch of poor teams. They’ve only played two teams with winning records and lost to them both. The Bill have just as hard a time scoring points as the Steelers do, only getting 30+ once this season. The O line will get the Steelers this win instead of the D.

    Draymond Mean Greene #WARRIORSCAPTAIN Reply

    From a Ravens fan, that offense is overrated, but that defense is no fucking joke. Don’t underestimate that defense or you will regret it.

Kathleen Murphy Reply

I really enjoy this show since I found it keep up the good work! Those Steelers and Charlie Batch I love listening to you on the radio after the game. I live in Hagerstown Maryland I have never been to a Steeler game even though I was born and raised in the Pittsburgh area in fact I was born in downtown Pittsburgh at Mercy Hospital. I can’t watch it on TV because I live in Hagerstown Maryland and once the Ravens moved to town we can’t see your games very often. And needless to say I bleed black and gold because the first air into my little baby lungs was Pittsburgh are at Mercy Hospital so all three professional teams in Pittsburgh I cheer for. So Charlie, I appreciate it very much your comments about the game on the radio after the game.

    Debra Willard Reply

    dad was born and raisedin pgh. south hills area. love steelers too.

der alexan Reply

Great show. Much love from the Steelers Nation in Germany ✌

Dexter Barnett Reply

This team is playing together. Lets go STEELERS.

Gary Davis Reply

if juju comes back and again gets double covered that should help johnson and washington. these last few weeks they have developed nicely it will be harder for defenses once juju returns.

Ephesians 5:11 Reply

Take care of business and bring on ANY team come playoffs.

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