This camera angle 不 #shorts – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Zaire Myers

Bro he flew

    Clarence Ry



    Ever Soo sightly LMFAO 不不不不


That was INSANE, looked like he just flew on by

Geezer D Luffy

This is going to be the meme of the year

Teri Giese

I LMAO when I saw this watching the game!I was like?!!菊恫莞儭

Mydrione Brock

Fightin ya older brother be like

RydeRyders Entertainment

No. 14 was like “nevermind, i’m done” 不不不

Aaron Buckwalter

That man FLEW! Adrenaline is some kind of drug. lol

Dro Boy

That was the most unnecessary dive Ive ever seen in an NFL game

Andre Brown

He was listening to that “Crank that” by Soulja boy, now watch me “Yooooo”



Smex Dmx

So nice Andrew did it twice !

Batman jumping in the backdrop was cool too.

Joey Trujillo

Marco finally got an interception and instantly turned into a meme

Supa Stackman

He reached his cruising altitude and Dalton knew it

Rundeaux 44

Uncle Phil throwin Jazz Out 不不


Bro Marco really said imma tryout for the new live action Superman movie mid pick 6

Focus Detail

A clear example to never give up on the play 唐

Jack Assin

Red Bull gives you wiiings


Laughed so hard with the wifey when we saw this.
Definitely going to be a meme.

Rollout 1

Yes! I watched that angle several times last night. Spectacular end zone dive!

My name is jeff

I love the guy in the oranges reaction


I saw this a while ago and Im still cracking up

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