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Geaux Tigers

Wish we could’ve gotten to see Lattimore vs Hopkins. Instead we got see Hopkins vs a backup corner

    Tim O’connor

    not even adebo as well so 3rd string corner in his 12th season who prolly runs a 4.95
    and #30 was on him and hes like 6th corner
    Alontae Taylor was the only one that should have covered d.hop but noooooooo

    Ty the sly guy

    I think it’s only for as it’s Hopkins first game back and he’s had one week to practice

    Diego Gomez

    it’s okay, my fantasy team appreciated that 😉


    Lattimore can’t guard anyone but Evans

    Jayden Doucette

    @Tylerdrake11 Lattimore is a dawg idk what you are talking about 😂


Got me 20 pts

Rest up, my sweet prince.

    Gabriel Mercier

    @dannytv I know same in a 8 people league! Such a steal when you think about it! Healthy, he would have been round 2 material, so yes it hurts a bit in the first 6 weeks, but at the same time, if you draft him round 8, you already have all your starters. Its a massive bonus


    Gay calling another man prince


    those 20 felt like a treat seeing as I drafted him with pick 105


    I have him AND kyler. Can’t beleive they didn’t score a touchdown together.


    @GhostsAmongUs AmongUs😂😂😂


Welcome Back D-Hop!


He is like me playing in madden on rookie mode with sliders turned on he Is so good

Chris Taylor


ambi ven

Welcome back my WR1 hopkins!


Happy to see him playing again cardinals should start winning games with him back


    dem roids did him good

    Perry Huggins

    @RMelo23 😂😂

    C A M

    Peds aren’t always “roid” related. Especially for a 30 yrd old wr…


Welcome back Dhop

Stephen Stephen

damn defence was on him

Xavier M



Godly performance for anybody else but he seemed a lil rusty. I remember he had much better yac than today. Welcome back tho baby

    YRG Red Panda

    He ain’t in game shape yet. The only way to get into game shape is by playing in game. He be back to His old self after his 2nd game


Still the best receiver in the league.

    YRG Red Panda

    @BlueJam76 Dhop is my favorite player since he was at Clemson. He is not better then tae or diggs


    @YRG Red Panda nah. I would take Jefferson, diggs and hill over him all day

    YRG Red Panda

    @GhostsAmongUs that’s an opinion but him doing bad with out Arod is wrong Fs. Arod definitely struggling more without tae then tae is with out him. Tae stats still great the team just ain’t winning which is more of an indictment on the coach and defense


    @YRG Red Panda arod probably has the worse wr core in the entire league so no. I forgot to mention cooper too, I would also take him over devante. Adams just had a 38 yard game so he definitely isn’t the best anymore

    YRG Red Panda

    @GhostsAmongUs don’t say cooper when referring to Kupp I thought you meant Amari cooper

mr.jordan Joseph

One if the best is back!


Dhop vs Marshon would’ve been good to watch


Cardinals game MVP was still Andy Dalton.

Jaden Wilson

So glad I had him on ir since the szn started


Kyler and Dhop have great chemistry. The NFC West is up for grabs with Dhop back in the mix.

Radim Sedlacek



Happy to see him playing again cardinals should start winning games with him back

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He is like me playing in madden on rookie mode with sliders turned on he Is so good

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