‘Things not everybody sees’: Courtland Sutton works toward Pro Bowl nomination – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Bronco Nation

He deserves a pro bowl appearance this year.


Top ten receiver for sure

Hunter Livie

Get this man to the pro browl!!!

FaZe_DizzleYT X

You are a Beast

David Alvarez

He really need to go to pro bowl

David Alvarez

3 amazing catches

anonymous user

Get my man Sutton-death in the bowl 🔥🔥🔥

Shot Creator

The guy definitely deserves pro bowl. He’s a top receiver in the AFC


There’s been no other receiver doing what he’s doing with inconsistency at QB. Now with Locke, 🔥

Jesse Williams

Sutton and Lock are the future for the Broncos.

Broncos Country

Super Bowl 54 here we come


    Broncos Country 💀 we can’t even go to the playoffs this year maybe next year👍🏾

Quentin Her

Hopefully Drew Lock can throw Touchdowns to Courtland Sutton this Sunday

Aaron Sibs

The editing in these videos are getting better with every video. Why not utilize the talent and make a building-the-franchise series? Would definitely be something true Broncos fans would watch

Nam Nguyen

He might go over 1000 yards vs chiefs


Gooooooo Denver Broncos

Hugh Jass

Soon the broncos are going to be a team that no one wants on their schedule

Erick &Brianna

Pro Bowl contender!!

Andy S

Give him props for what he’s done with 3 different starting QB’s. Courtland is a stud.

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