“They’re Good Everywhere” Best of Mahomes SB LIV Media Night Interview – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Big Brain

Who do u think will win the super bowl???

Like for Chiefs and comment for 49ers


    John Bishop what?? The super bowl isn’t until Sunday and this is football 🏈

    TheConspiracy Realist

    @JayTheMachine Exactly There are a lot of people who didn’t like Kobe who aren’t saying anything out of respect for his fans and family, so give it a break and don’t bring it up in a forum that’s has nothing to do with or about him because that’s disrespectful.

    Damaris W.

    NINER Gang

    Stormy Redhawk


    cheek buster

    I want the chiefs to win but I’m going 49ers


Patrick mahomes

Sounds like Kermit the frog

Throws a football like thor

    Football Productions

    @a b if there picked a football up and threw it then it would definitely go far if he tried

    Joshdaboss 18

    I like this


    Kermit thor frog

    I’ll leave now

    Alexis A

    i don’t hear it, listen to kermit the frog and him and then that theory goes out the window

    see yeah

    @Alexis A more like bernie from seaseme street

bubba _5456

R.I.P Mamba

Another legend gone.
Rest easy.





    Roger Balkoski

    I hope so

    RIP Juice

    He has to come it won’t be the same without him 😂

    Parker Anderson

    if he wasnt there im gonna be so mad

Finn Horton

The shoutout to kobe is mad respect to mahomes man Kobe’s death hits hard

RIP Juice

I like how humble mahomes is. Good role model for sure. Seems like a great person to be friends with.

Sam Co

Patrick Mahomes loves G-D, has been in a relationship with his girlfriend for a long time, is humble and chill. He also plays like the best QB ever, how could you not love this man?


    Who cares about his god, girlfriends and all that nonsense? That’s his business, noone else’s. The man is a football player, the rest is just frivolous crap. Let’s get the Lombardi Trophy!!

    Sam Co

    You’re right but it makes it so much easier to like him, the fact that he’s also the best player in th world also helps

carson houser

His face on the thumnail😂😂😂


Mahomes is a different breed. So humble.


I cant wait to see Guillermo from jimmy Kimmel to ask some dumb questions

    macario sakay

    You must be proud being his countryman.✌

Big Dawg

Rest In Peace to KOBE BEAN BRYANT!!!

    Shawn King

    You down with KBB.. yea you know me..

Yahya Naseem

I love how he said we trying to get this for everybody. Facts. Don’t let me down Patrick. Rip Kobe.

baltimore xanax

you grown men dhiefs fan, are gonna cry when he proposes to brittany after the win!!! go good man, take her!!! good luck and god bless:)

    Matthew Xie

    baltimore xanax thief? Dhief?

ForeverRanger 91

Mahomes is super humble. He does have some swag to him such as when he counted to 10 against the Bears but beyond that, you would never guess he is the best QB in the league right now. Part of why is because he was raised being around MLB clubhouses. Off the field, he is a normal 24 year old kid. He and a few of the guys will hit the club or play video games.

    Ryan Staiger

    ForeverRanger 91 for real! And can u imagine how much he’s going to cost when his rookie contract is up! This might be chiefs only chance for a super bowl for a long time once the cap space dries up


    @Ryan Staiger The cap isn’t real, they keep increasing it so guys like mahomes can get paid. The Chiefs will be fine and will reach mulitple super bowls.

    Ryan Staiger

    xXShadowXx oh dang, didn’t know that

Typical Andrew

Heroes are remembered but legends never die. – sandlot to mahomes and to kobe

Brayden Manning

The guy in the back at 13:41 low key looks like he could be Coach Rieds son


This is why, coming from a die-hard Bills fan, Mahomes has been my favorite individual in this league since he was drafted. He’s ridiculously humble, knows his place and takes nothing for granted, doing without saying. Man will be a legend.

    Corey Mclaurin

    4eva thankful 2 the Bills 4 letting us move up 2draft the 🐐 GLOOKN 4LIFE BUFFALO


    Corey Mclaurin 🐐

A. P.

My pats lost to them this year but I really want to see Mahomes win. He’s an incredible quarterback.

    Esteban Acevedo

    As 49ers fan, I wouldn’t be mad if the Niners lost. They also have a team mentality.

    Miss Dee

    Esteban Acevedo what the heck?! Lol You wouldn’t be mad?! And you call yourself a Niner fan…tsk tsk tsk lol

Owen Pritchard

So well spoken for such a young man

Tim G

The way Mahomes moves around in the pocket is different from any QB I’ve ever seen! Let’s go Chiefs !

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