“They’ll Be Back” | Frank Gore Addresses His and the Bills Future – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

“They’ll Be Back” | Frank Gore Addresses His and the Bills Future

Bills Running Back Frank Gore meets with the media on Sunday at One Bills Drive. Topics include: the young talent on the roster, the culture that Sean McDermott and Brandon Beane have built, and his plans for the future of his career.

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Paul C Bentley

This guy is an all time great

Sonya Capotblanc

You be back
Better stronger. Faster.
Go. Go Gadget arm.

The Way

“They’ll be back”

Ie. He’s not coming back. It’s been a pleasure having him here but I think it’s for the best to get another young back in there with singletary next year.

Gore being here this year was great for the locker room and for being a mentor to singletary though..

    Do Zo

    @The Way Yea, idk about Wade. I’d rather take my chances with a young stud thats has played football his entire life rather than a transition player.

    The Way

    Do Zo for sure, it’s tough to transition to professional football from another sport and another country. There was audio from the preseason where wade said something to the effect of “I don’t know where I’m supposed to go so I’m just going to run.” The odds are stacked against him but he’s a likable guy and we’ll see what happens. I can pretty much guarantee this staff will bring in more guys to compete for the open spot..

    Andrew Colvin

    @Do Zo I think that bigger bruiser type of back with motor and one more bigger wr makes the offense a way better one automatically. Add that with a pass rusher and depth and boom we are back and even better

    hector alvarez 77

    Do Zo isaiah simmons with tremaine would be ridiculous but he will be drafted before i think

Elliot Eisler

Damn, doesn’t sound like he will be back. Now I think we take a pure power back (Johnathan Taylor?) in the third round to compliment singletary

    Chris p. bacon

    Elliot Eisler Christian wade and singletary are gonna be an unstoppable combo

    Elliot Eisler

    Chris p. bacon I hope Christian wade has developed!!! If not as a running back I would love to see him become the next great kick/punt returner in the NFL, then we can use him in certain packages catching screen passes etc…


Class Act 10000% GO BILLS!


I think Gore is gonna leave but not cause he wants to leave but because he knows its his young bulls time to shine ( devin singletary ) he’s looking for a place that will give him more touches, respect to him and good luck.

Tom Gillotti

Happy we got to be a part of his story! Thanks Frank!!

Ginger Weatherbee

hope he sticks around, his experience was invaluable to Devin Singletary

Carson Ross

Good luck frank thanks 🙏 for the fun year , Go bills hope you do come back thou , you did great for us .

Philip Pliskin

Thank you Mr Gore

Gabe Zilla Bills Mavs

Do any of y’all think he’s gonna

Or sign with another team

    thomas falzone

    Retire, I love frank gore but he passed the 3rd all time rusher and has had a great career. He should be another RB coach of ours. That I would love to see.


Thank you Frank Gore

Bill Barone

Where was the helmet to helmet on the sideline on Allen???Haven’t heard anyone talk about that…

matthew moore

Thank you Frank for all you did this year; a true professional!!


Thank you Frank. Was a pleasure having you around and spelling our Rook! Class act and a future HOF. Was blessed to have you put on the red white and blue. #Respect

Malcolms HVAC

He needs to come back and mentor Wade Wade’s gonna be a beast

Billy The Buffalo

Thanks for the great season Frank 😃 Go Bills


Phenomenal human being and a class act.

Kevin Wilson

We will most definetly be back even though our schedule next season is tough we will be back most definetly I just need them to get a reciever that over 6ft other than duke that can help with the passing game

Kevin Wilson

I hope frank comes back even if he doesnt we are in good hands he did a good job mentoreing singletary and yeldon

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