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Prime Trollex

Last time I was this early the 49ers had a 20-10 lead

    Cody Eang

    not much of a lead when mahomes in the other end

Leo Sydlik

He won the MVP
He won the super bowl
He won the super bowl mvp
He got to go to Disneyworld
He broke the madden curse

    Yutube SuspendedMyAccount

    He got robbed last year AFC championship game by refs.

    Connor Mohawk

    Na the Curse is Still Alive, It hit But I’ll hit harder, Brady Broke it but who knows when it’s going to strike next it doesn’t have to be on the field it could be like AB and effect his Mental Health

    VNY D

    Leo Sydlik shouldn’t Super Bowl N Super Bowl MVP be all capped?

Gregory Cawein

that is true there is nothing patrick mahomes cant do

Tyler Elmore

Me in 2069 telling my grandkids the story of super bowl 54:
“And it all started with the dolphins…”

    Cody Wyckoff


    T Thomas

    “Miami used to have a football team, grandpa?” “Oh yes, baby, they still do…they’re called the Dolphins. The Patriots broke them in the ’00’s and ’10’s and they were never the same…but they took all of that hatred out on the Pats when it mattered most!”

    Tyler Elmore

    Damn Feds is that a virus?

    Gee Garcia

    Great point… I thinks it’s very safe to say, had the Dolphins not won against New England, the playoff picture wouldn’t ended up giving us a far different result in the end.

Queefyqueefster Mcqueef

I know people are still going to hate on him no matter what. But even if this wasn’t his best game he still delivered when it mattered and won the game

    I Hate people

    @Blade Runner just curious. What do an emotional lesbian act like ??

    herb petrillo

    He is awesome.amazing.


    but definitely NOT SB MVP performance.  Typical NANCY LEAGUE BULLSHIT.

J3wpreme pizza

Little shade thrown Cam Newtons way lol

    Team CS Part 3

    We all were thinking the same thing

    Hai Voai

    Yes n

Bonnie Keough

That 44 yard 3-15 pass was the turning point… Imo

    stephen karmichael

    yup specially when the refs did call a holding against the chiefs

    Mats Hummels

    Imagine what they would say about Mahomes now if he didn’t complete that throw and lost the game

    Hai Voai

    Yes g

    Sports Fan until the end

    Bonnie, you are everywhere

    Nic Snyder

    23 Jet Chip Wasp

DollarNinja -

Imagine if Cam Newton dived for the football in his game. We might be talking about him differently now

darkside soldier!!

Very well deserved!!! Has everything a quarterback needs,wants kid has grit HEART!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!😎👏👏


I see the casual shade thrown at Cam Newton

Ty A

2:30, gotta love the cam newton slander

    Dr Krelzak The Destroyer Sr. XXI

    I’m a panthers fan

    Why you gotta hurt me like this

Todd P

Wow, it seems so long ago when Tom & the Pats were relevant—thanks, Patrick Mahomes.

Dr Krelzak The Destroyer Sr. XXI

Williams was mvp

But Mahomes put on a good game and I’m glad he was a ring


    Williams didn’t orchestrate the comeback. He iced the game.

    The mvp is the sundae, not the cherry on top.

    T Thomas

    I was pretty surprised Williams didn’t get the nod, but I suppose Mahomes was responsible for more TD’s and played a much more integral part to the offense. Williams put the team on his back in a very similar way, but if the QB has more TD’s and doesn’t lose the game…then they basically always get the MVP. Hell, if Williams had both passing TD’s and rushed for two more…I’m still not sure the voters would have given it to him. It’s like how the NFL MVP is really just “the best QB” award.


Garappolo was the highest paid player who played in Super Bowl 54… Mahomes: “hold my Lombardi…”

Patty Mahomes #SBChampion

Broke the Madden Curse, came back from double digit deficits in three playoff games, and gets to go to DisneyWorld. My QB 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾


@2:30 a shot at Cam in Super Bowl 50

American Sports Fan

2:24 straight up disses Cam Newton 😂😂😂


“There’s some qb’s who don’t jump on the ball”
*Cam Newton has left the chat

    TL Yang

    Arod too versus 9ners in playoffs. LMBO.

Kahrem Favors

Cam Newton diss makes this the best Baldy Breakdown ever. Lmao

Ninja _ Ligma _ Scammer

Shout out to AB. Mans took most of the madden curse so mahomes only gets a 2 week injury. What a guy

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