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The Voyage, Episode 11 | Minnesota Vikings

After a late comeback fell just short against the Seattle Seahawks, the Minnesota Vikings returned to U.S. Bank Stadium for the 'My Cause My Cleats' game against the Detroit Lions, a game the Vikings were able to claim victory in and keep their pursuit of the divisional title and a playoff berth alive.

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Bench Rhodes. That’s it. Thank you.

    Brenton Atkins

    Hopefully Zim keeps rotating the corners like last week. The only time he really got burned last week, Harrison intercepted it and Xavier got hurt lol


    We need him do your research you’ll find out why zimmer is doing that. He’s smart

    Brenton Atkins

    @Iceberg11MN bro idk if you’re replying to me, but i was being genuine lol. I love Zim. I don’t want him to get fired. I remember Leslie Fraizer and Mike Tice. I was literally just saying the only time Xavier was out of position that i saw last week was the play Harrison picked it off and he got hurt. Xavier has had a rough year, and last year was pretty rough for him too, but keeping him fresh with the rotation may be the trick. Or we may have just played an inexperienced QB last week. This Chargers game will let us know. I hope they aren’t sleeping on them


    Brenton Atkins appreciate that, I 💯 agree

    I Took A Shit Today

    @Taylor Burkett yes

David Mueller

C.J. made my eyes leak. For Mom brother!

    maverick lewis

    David Mueller : AWESOME

Mary Williamson

Love this team. May God bless the Ham family. Prayers lifted up for Mrs. Ham ❤️

    maverick lewis

    Mary Williamson : Giving the Glory to our LORD.

    Mary Williamson


    the book worm

    @maverick lewis thanks to god for giving her cancer in the first place


Keep fighting, Mrs. Ham!! God Bless you!

    maverick lewis

    P K : AMEN

Sebastian Kruse

Seattle was cheating. Change my mind.

    Sebastian Kruse

    Cole-piccolo what made me think that they were cheating was the fact that cook and Diggs, our two biggest playmakers on offense, got injured on the same play, even more suspicious, it happened right as we started coming back

    Cody Schopp

    @Sebastian Kruse also the fact Seattle was holding play after play after play after play that weren’t getting called. Hell they had 1 penalty all game.

    Sebastian Kruse

    Cody Schopp there was also blatant uncalled pass interference on the tre flowers pick 6

    Colin Duncan

    Sebastian Kruse and on the 4th down to Irv… dude had him in a bear hug. There’s definitely some merit to this conspiracy.


    The refs were not calling anything either way although I think Seattle May of gotten a little of the hook they weren’t calling everything on Minnesota either


Amazing production quality, Vikings are the best!!! SKOL!!!!!

    maverick lewis

    C F : SKOL


It looks like Adam Thielen will be coming back. So hopefully the vikings go off the week.


    PURPLE PEOPLE EATERS I hope they limit him just and put him in there if you need him to even more reduce chance of reinjury

    P K

    You mean, “Go off THIS week”, correct?

Chris S

I love Diggs attitude throughout the game…always motivating his team

    maverick lewis

    Chris S : SKOL

Plus 2 Renegade

Goddamn this episode made me choke up! Love this team!

Slim 1515

Keep fighting momma Ham…. we got ya back… SKOL 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿


C J ham to the pro bowl he’s a beast My team looking good let’s run the table and gain momentum into the playoffs

That's Wussup

Hated the announcers during the Seattle game. Really biased over Russell Wilson. Claiming that interception wasn’t his fault. It got blocked lmao

Big Head O18

They should Mike up cj ham

alex erickson


    the book worm

    He’s going to have to since they just sent that one to Canton.

    Alexis Wade

    I think he means another team’s jersey

    alex erickson

    Alexis Wade 😂😂😂😂

    the book worm

    @Alexis Wade yes, it was a joke…

Sapar Yasharal

Mother Ham is Beautiful!

Back Stein

you just gotta love hunter and the whole squat. everybody is so humble! love this org! SKOL!


I love Pat! 😂💪🏼

Michael C. Gilbert

Anyone else going to tell their grandchildren that they were there when Hunter broke the 50 sack record?

Tay Lay

Love hearing so much from The Hitman.

Ray Ray

At least they’re giving Pat some love and motivation. That’s a real team right there

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