The Voyage (Ep.15) Season Finale | Minnesota Vikings – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

The Voyage (Ep.15) Season Finale | Minnesota Vikings

Hear from Head Coach Mike Zimmer and Minnesota Vikings players as the team reacts to the Divisional Round playoff loss to the San Francisco 49ers and looks to regroup heading into an offseason of uncertainty.

Photo: Ryan Kang via AP

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Im already sad…

Eli Knight

keep your heads up and look the positives from the season. Work hard and have fun. Here’s to next season boys 🍻. #SKOL #DidntGetIt #Sad

Nicholas Moe

This series was so awesome

Chris S

We just want one …just one

    Justus Buckels

    Just like the bills The Vikings will never win one untill the find a legit quarterback and a solid offensive line

xiumin loves you

Props to the production team. Editing and music is nice. I like that!


You guys had a good year. And you have the best fans who will always cheer you on regardless. Good luck this upcoming season. We ,the fans of the north, believe in you and know how hard you will fight back for us. Sure we will have a new OC and DC,but that will not change our passion to cheer you on. πŸ‘β˜πŸ‘Š Let’s go Vikings!

Jojo Padilla

This season was so good… but we couldnt capitalize it. Itll be difficult to keep everyone together. I love this team.

Manni der Busfahrer

I will always love the Vikings no matter whatπŸ’œ

Albert Trujillo

And now we wait till September 😩

Darrin Edwards

Man I did not want to watch this one yet 😣

Sapar Yasharal

Say Super bowl don’t be afraid Zimmer


These videos are great and all, but 5minutes? Only? Bruhhh

Brynn Cartelli Uploads Originals and Covers

Why not us 😭😭😭😭

Rain RB

Please keep this series going next year! This was an awesome production and a truly amazing look into the team!!! Skol for next year!

Justice Bishir

Great series, looking forward to hopefully seeing it again next season πŸ‘πŸ»

Brandon Todd

1st heartbreak of season. Now hopefully wont get the next one of THIS season……. Green Bay winning a SuperBowl. Just need GB to lose out to feel a smidge better.


I really didn’t want to click on this video, but I really love this team win or lose they are awesome. Wish we could keep the whole team and be great, but I know it isn’t happening. SKOL next year Go Get It!!!

On Point Machining, LLC schmidt

Xavier Rhodes to safety if Anthony Harris leaves. X has an awesome game left, just not at corner.


I love this team. Not just the Vikings but this group of guys. I really think/thought/hope…. They’re the ones to finally bring it back to Minneapolis


Love my team it will always be! Skol Vikes

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