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The Return of Marshawn Lynch | Locker Room Sound

Go inside the Seahawks locker room to see what the players and coaches had to say about the return of running back Marshawn Lynch after the Seahawks signed him earlier in the week along with another veteran RB Robert Turbin.

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blisterypoet Estrada

Yeee welcome back Marshawn

Ellie Olson

Welcome back

Get your skittles ready


find someone who looks at you like marshawn looks at russ



    Puppygod Yt

    jslacson they are actually best friends


    Puppygod Yt it’s a joke lol

    Tom Biocca


Paul Suppipat

Robert Turbin’s arms are so big wtf. Opposite of Saquon’s tree trunk legs




    Beast and turb together = AWESOME

    Username Unknown

    Im a sayquan fan but I agree

    Serotonin MDMA

    Paul Suppipat haha Hellyeah

    Give me more Head

    @SuperNickG What fans wanna tackle?…


nice to see a happy marshawn back again looks like hes having fun 😉

    Brian Koski

    Yeah, he looks like he’s got some “unfinished business” to take care of. Enjoy the games bro!


    @Brian Koski you too, hopefully he can do a mini beast quake again, since he just started, but i also want mama lynch to pull the flag and people throwing skittles when he comes out the locker room!


beast mode welcome back go hawks

Hurd1199 Gold

Yall gonna run him at the 1 this time?


    If they can make it to the 1

    Buy Des

    Plz don’t bring up that horrific event we had to go thru g 🥺💔


    @Buy Des we must speak about that


My favourite player, guy that made me watch the league and cheer for seahawks in 2015. So sad I could only see his last 2 seasons as a hawk and didn’t watch sb vs broncos. I wish him hall of fame, dude was giving me inspiration to keep hard work at uni in hardest times even tho he no longer was a hawk for the last 4 years.

King Ulrich

When he was looking at Russell Wilson, he’s thinking, “you better give me the damn ball at 1 yard line”

Asante Blackmon

God giving Seahawks so many blessings 🙏✨

Marshawn Lynch

Hopefully the fans can actually throw skittles down to the field like the old days

    texas strong

    Who cares he n you suck

    Mike Gipson

    This time you give him the ball in a goal line situation FML.

    Serotonin MDMA

    Marshawn Lynch welcome back!!!!!!!!!!!


Dj fluker high af


    Shhhhhh lol

Seahawks Fan

Go Hawks 💙💚💙💚

Fortnite is very GAY

I’m a Packers fan but Marshawn is definitely one of my favorite nfl players ever I especially love seeing him go into “beast mode” so I’m pretty happy to see him back

    Ju Sag

    Same here.  #gopackgo #beastmode

    Rowdy Jr.

    @Tomas Kubinski You know… I do hate your god damn team, but having four trophies ain’t nothing special buddy. You want a cookie?

    Derek Hamling

    Fortnite is very GAY bruh. He talks about this. There is no “going into” beast mode. He’s always in it

    ants universe

    @Nathan Mccumber yeah it might take him a while to warm up like 3 or 4 games he has to get used to contact again so he might not get that much yards but you never know

    Nathan Mccumber

    ants universe keep dreaming warm up he’s game ready or else he wouldn’t sign on MF been dying for sum action cuz

Groundbreak Studios

Honestly, I dont care if he does huge things or not. It’s nice to have him back. He was a Seahawk. Plain and simple.


    Groundbreak Studios He IS a Seahawk

    69,420 subs without videos

    Well remember seahawk fans u didn’t run him

    Totaly_Should _Not

    Cough cough Buffalo cough cough

    Cody Thrive

    Groundbreak Studios I care. We need him to carry the offense. Lol

    Duffie -

    I am waiting for that roster update on madden

Ludwig Von aids

Fluker looks higher than a kite

    Alex W

    He’s closing his eyes to think about what he is saying, because he has a speech impediment.

    Dangeruss Wilson

    @AlmightyyPack 1 except a fatter face

    Dangeruss Wilson

    I still love him on the run block tho lmao

    Joshua Juarez


    Dondre' Jackson

    Ludwig Von aids that’s his business not yours

The Lone Wolf

The signing of Marshawn and seeing him back made my season. Even if it’s for a few games, hopefully it can be really special.

Colonel Cosby

If only Doug and Kam could and would come back for the playoffs then the trifecta would be complete lol


It’s cool to me that the hawks players were only asked about the return of Marshawn and almost all of them also mentioned how Robert Turbin is back too.. it’s a brotherhood out here go hawks!! ☝🏼

    Osama Bin Thottin

    Brian Koski both signed for the rest of the season not years contracts. Even tho lynch should come back

    Liu Kang Kixx

    Now everybody wanna holla it’s a brotherhood, we are a brotherhood since the ravens been all over everything shouting it n exemplifying brotherhood!! Smh everybody is a ravens n especially a Lamar Jackson fan now but it’s cool 🖤💜🖤💜🖤💜🖤💜💯🦾🦿

    Randomr Uploads

    @Liu Kang Kixx things been a brotherhood since before ravens were good

Un Redacted

hopefully the Saints will resign Tracy Porter lol.

    Joshua Juarez



    Would love to have another GET OFF ME!!1! moment over the next couple weeks.

    Just. One. More.


    saints just gave AB a workout.

    Un Redacted

    @MrPCT007 frozen foots got 9 lives


    @Un Redacted 🤣🤣🤣 puss n boots

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