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Hector Rodriguez

What a day in 🏈
The Packers beat the lions in a thriller come back to clinch first round bye.
And Miami upset the New England cheaters
Bye-bye bye-bye cheaters By bye by Lions

    Travis Sorenson

    You didn’t even have the 49ers and Seahawks game at the time of this comment. Crazy day in football indeed 😀

David Boucher

Grossi Posse go pack go!

    Carter Danor

    David Boucher yeah go pack go and grossi possi packers

Tyki Mikk804

We came back from being down to playing 4th quarter strong I needed to see that

Prison For All Frauds

Early out GB. They won’t get anywhere near the super bowl. Rodgers is a real downer.

    Caleb McCaslin

    Prison For All Frauds hater

    rick boltz

    Rodgers hasn’t been sharp for several games. I keep waiting for him to lite it up! Oh well, a win is a win!👍😉

Jupiter Josh

Rodgers over throwing receivers was hard to watch

    Robert Bourdeau

    Shut up. He also made some game winning throws. Carry the G bro.

    Jon Marsh

    @Robert Bourdeau lol you cant deny hes playing bad this year

Ed Fenne

I am a huge GB fan it’s in my DNA! That game scared me! We have to play better or 🤔


Cheese wiss runs through my veins



Johnny Yang

That’s my Coach, Matt Lafleur , the Rookie coach of the year, go Packers……..

    Prison For All Frauds

    Pissant Rodgers is a coach and teammate killer!

777d7777 777d7777

Congrats coach on one of the best rookie season performance by a head coach (13 -3 and a 1st round bye)
Guide us successfully in the playoffs to the SB
Go Pack Go!!!!

Zachary Flores

Green Bay are Awesome Congratulations on your win against the Lions Keep up The Hard Work

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