The Making of Chargers GM Tom Telesco, “I kinda enjoy the pressure” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE


No Face No Case

We goin hard this season ⚡️ !!!

Rishab Kasibatla

If Chargers are healthy they can definitely be super bowl contenders and get first place in afc west ahead of chiefs
I also think that chargers should consider picking ab and not getting a qb 1st round cause I believe in tyrod

    Rishab Kasibatla

    @Daniel Garcia Jamaal Adams?

    Daniel Garcia

    @Rishab Kasibatla dude what Jamal Adams is with the jets hes not a free agent

    Rishab Kasibatla

    @Daniel Garcia The Jets want to trade him right now

    Daniel Garcia

    Em hes a runstoper he can play man and zone ok but your right the chargers doo need a run stoping saftey but hybrid saftey is better and the top number 1 saftey from college is better


    DB Balbas yea ik but they may trade back

Melo Gatsby

BOLT UP! Hope all my Bolt Family is safe during theses times

    Kirk Moore

    The SPANOSvirus is a real threat
    and has been killing CHOKER fans for 35 years! That’s why the fans practice social spacing and don’t show up on Sundays…..

brandon rodriguez

Legend says if ur early, they will like. #gobolts

Not Cosby

In tom we trust

Joe Singh

Let’s go bolts!!! Isaiah simmons or a qb you really trust!! Bolts up baby!!

    Joe Singh

    Also, if we get simmons and beef the defense up, we could always get Cam and give him a shot. He has experience in the big games that could help us get there.


    Joe Singh definitely. But at the end of the day whoever we get, should be a star seeing how many of those Telesco has already drafted even just recently

    Joe Singh

    @its_yd can’t disagree with you at all on that statement. The ONLY thing about Tom is the coupon part. I get it, it’s a business and things need to happen, but I hope he pays the right people to stay.


    Joe Singh yea especially since we have lots of FAs after next season

    Joe Singh

    @its_yd that’s the scariest thing to man. And half of them are our stars and playmakers

Carter Wop

DO NOT TAKE HERBERT.. take ISAIH Simmons, if tua not there. Take wirfs or Kenneth Murray. Because we really need some depth at LB

    Kareem C

    Agreed we have pro bowlers at every position except LB.

    Joe Singh

    Love your analogy!


    Carter Wop I’d rather have Herbert


    Hi this is tom telesco. Okay since you asked we wont pick herbert

Isaiah Burkett

Let’s go get that ring boys 💯 Bolt gang or don’t bang ⚡️⚡️

    Joe Singh

    Best thing I’ve heard in a while!!

Zak Scott G

What a hard position he has. 6th pick. Who knows whose going to be available. Either way I hope we get isaiah simmons

Above Average Gamer

They put together some great media. I’ll keep believing! Bolt up ⚡️⚡️⚡️.

Teemo AKA Satan

i’m starting to appreciate Tom more and more as our gm. his history in coaching and knowledge for the game is great, can’t wait to see what draft moves we’ll have this coming week. I LOVE YOUR SMILE TOM GOODLUCK

Pacific Beatz

I’ve been so satisfied with Tom Telescope 🔭 . Lol. Our Roster has been sooo talented since he’s been on.


Trust in Tom Telesco!! Chargers are Lucky to have him

Mitchell A

In 7 days our team will draft a future superstar…

My choices(in order)

Tua(#1 choice)

Walla Walla

Get Simmons and let’s just trust Tyrod ⚡️

Ryan Duffy

I trust Tom. He’s drafted really well the past few years, and the moves he’s made this offseason have been great. I’m very curious to see what the Bolts do come draft time, but I have faith that whatever moves Tom makes will pay off. I really hope to see the Bolts succeed big this year, build the fan base a bit, fill up that new stadium, make the Chargers a team that players want to play for, and sign Henry and Bosa to some long term deals. Bolt up

    Joe Singh

    And Derwin James when his time comes!

coca pipimonster

TT is great not only in the draft, but look at all the amazing undrafted talent he has been able to aquire. Truly one of the best in the business.

Alex Kieu

Give Tom T a raise! He’s going to kill this draft go bolts boyy

DMD Films

This was a great vid! Love these segments!

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