The Madden Curse Is Dead | Ravens Final Drive – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

The Madden Curse Is Dead | Ravens Final Drive

If Lamar Jackson ends up on the cover of Madden next year, don’t worry, Patrick Mahomes just showed that there is no curse.

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Md lax

Nah it just hit Antonio brown so hard it took a year off

    Prince Jaabaal


    Torrey Brown

    it didn’t hurt AB physically,it hurt him in other ways…tell me this he playing now?the curse just took a different route on AB lol..nobody escapes the madden curse..

    Blade Runner



    Yooooooooo faaaaaacts.

    Stop Motion Commotion

    I was gonna comment that but I saw you did it for me thanks

Steven Taylor

i still to this day believe drake mad us lose😐

    Jaylen Tatum

    Drake was also there every game for the raptors nba championship… we just sucked against the titans

    Emmanuel Garcia

    Jaylen Tatum it only happens to teams he bandwagons with

Hayden Stoll

Don’t speak too soon, the madden curse has been known to skip some people…

    Hawk 490



    Poor Antonio brown 😭

    Blade Runner

    Final Destination

    Will leon

    Jj watt is well😂😂😂

NoSwiss AllCheddar

Lamar Jackson was born to be on the cover of a video game

    Master Shane

    NoSwiss AllCheddar and give the ravens 20 Super Bowls


    @Master Shane woaah there buddy

    Master Shane

    @shadow Steelers fan I see that’s tuff


    @Master Shane did I just get called a steelers fan

Paweł Petek

AB was on the cover of Madden 19 and it came out in 2018, but the curse got Brown in 2019, so we can’t be sure that Mahomes beat the curse.


    big iq

Nightmare Kilo

Yea that’s kool but I still don’t want him on there Patrick still got injured it happens differently to players

King Berserk

The madden curse worked when his knee was on the side of his leg I’m wouldn’t risking it

Salia Berthe

Bruh Mahomes got injured this season so it’s still alive.

    King Berserk

    Facts that’s what I been saying

    Cash Comm

    Facts it’s not about winning the chip

    Xavier Holland

    The curse is faintly dead

    P.L. Payne

    He got hurt! No one can predict the injury! They All Got hurt b4 they won the Super Bowl.Even Ray Lewis….stay away from Madden until after u get the CHIP!
    The Ravens should just secure his contract and give him enough money to worry about nothing else but improving, and winning!

Gianni Trujillo

This guy is stupid the Madden curse is real mahomes still got hurt didnt he? The madden curse has always been about injury nothing else

Simply Trolled

All of those players got injured the year after. The curse exists.


The curse isn’t about winning though. It’s about people on the cover getting injured!

David Brown

The madden curse never existed, sports in general is a modern-day bread & circus.

SS Erwin

He is just too powerful though


It’s not dead. Patrick still got hurt this year.

Carlo Ironaddict

Mahomes was on the madden but he also got hurt lucky for him it was a light injury but as a ravens fan I want Lamar to stay injury FREE 4EVER BIG TRUSS🤞🏾🤞🏾🤞🏾


He either got injured, or hit ab so hard that it skipped

Nelo Breeze

I STILL ain’t tryin to chance it. Keep Lamar off of that damn cover

Jackson Graney

Well, Mahomes did get injured during the regular season


There’s no such thing as a curse when Lamar got god on his side

    Monique Lewis

    Shut up

    Tapper Zen

    Extroyer5 I’ve never believed in curses what happens, happens. Is my motto

Torrey Brown

Did you forget when “pat”dislocated his knee?he was just lucky it wasn’t worse than it was..i think the madden curse just fell asleep at the wheel…

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