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Jazmin Gomez

This hurts omg stop 😭✊

    Kube Dog

    I know it’s a loss, but the season is over anyway. So look at how well we did and take it as a big positive. The new Panthers are gonna be good.


Well next season, we still have a chance

sanders journet

Just some bad luck this season from them damn saints fans. Carma will reap on them in the playoffs one & done. They will be beat the same way as the last two post season losses. They suck , but we keep pounding.


This Season is horrible
We come back stronger with Cam!!!

    Ray Cordova

    @Kube Dog bruh gtfo of here, panther nation don’t want you as a fan, toxic as hell.

    Kube Dog

    @Ray Cordova Truthful as hell. If we’d canned Rivergoat and Showboat 2 or 3 years ago, we’d be re-built by now. That’s *real fan* thinking, dude. Don’t support garbage coaches and players. That’s not being positive. That’s glossing over problems that are keeping the team down.

Joel Salazar

😭😭😭#KeepPounding🖤💙 win, lose or tie ! Once a panther always a panther ! Lets win🖤💙🖤

Lee Spivey

This is some pretty depressing stuff.. I regret watching this ep.

Unsafe Name

we need to tank

surge 45

Well Carolina is not too bad,that went to the superbowl twice,even though they didn’t win,most teams have been around for years,an have never went nor won a superbowl,now that’s sad

Imnotababoon ESC

Waiting for the narrator to say “even though we scored, we suck so we choke”

Football Lp

The Seahawks Game is for the Fans !!! Play for us !!! 100% !!!

Marquis Worthington

So we been cheated AGAIN

Marquis Worthington

The NFL just wants to screw a team over that apart of the same league

The Question

This is hard to watch….

DaReal Spooby

The loss never lingers? Maybe that’s why we keep losing?? #keeppounding


bad year to be carolina panther 😭

iGets Buckets405

Get Kyle out of here !!

iGets Buckets405

Thats weird how we got flagged on a fg for just lining up infront of the center that cost us a game earlier in the season & the Saints actually held our center down and jumped over NO FLAG ??

Hu Flung Dung

I’m starting to realize how it must feel to be a Cleveland browns fan, a recurring theme of disappointment


That was more depressing than Old Yeller…

Jonathan Black

We gotta start calling this series “Black and Blue”, cause I sure feel like I’ve gotten the crap kicked out of me every time I watch the latest episode!

    Germane Habib


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