“The Franchise” presented by GEHA | Ep. 16: Championship Swagger – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

“The Franchise” presented by GEHA | Ep. 16: Championship Swagger

This week, on "The Franchise" presented by GEHA ( ), we relive what would become a memorable playoff run for the Chiefs. During the Wildcard Weekend, we catch up with some of the Chiefs Kingdom's biggest supporters and what fuels their fandom. Then, we recap the Divisional Round matchup with the Houston Texans and the largest comeback in Franchise history. And, the Lamar Hunt Trophy finally returns home, with the Chiefs defeating the Tennessee Titans in the AFC Championship Game.

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ke'shaunna earley


    Eric S

    why did they like frank clark more than dee ford?

    Mr Filo

    @Eric S Dee Ford is a really good pass rusher but he is not very good against the run. On the radio this morning He is basically in on just passing downs with the 49ers this year.

Cody Lassman

I can’t believe I was tearing up again watching this…. Our Chiefs are going to the Super Bowl!!! It still feels surreal 🤯


    Mitch Holthus’ calls got me in tears

    Sean Hettenbach

    We’re going to THE SUPERBOWL! We’re going to the Superbowl… First words on the calls to family… Sounds so sweet, like the nectar of the endzone.


    Yeah, I cried like it was Sunday all over. Our dreams have finally come true, man. Wow.

    G M

    No doubt this can make a grown man cry. Ages been waiting to see my chiefs get here. Chiefs kingdom baby!!! 💯🏈

    William Holt

    I m 56 n still tearing up so so proud of our guys

Frank Tyred

I moved to KC in the mid 70’s, been a Chiefs fan ever since. I have been married 36 years and Sunday night it hit me: this is the first time in my married life that I can go to bed on Sunday night after the playoffs and not toss and turn about what might have been. The “what might have been” is now a “what is.” Thank you to all the Chiefs players and organization for this one, single, glorious Sunday evening of peace. Now lets go get the ring!

    Kevin Prima

    The best part is — with Brady and Big Ben retiring soon — Mahomes is gonna own the AFC for the next 10 years — no more tossing and turning !!

    Eric S

    They as loud as auburn jordan hare stadium and lsu death valley


Like if the chiefs should
Show us the Lombardi trophie

denise bell

Still getting chills to know the fact we going to the freaking ship man what a year let’s go win that bad boy let’s go chiefs .

    Jackson Hankins

    denise bell right!!!!


My dad who is 62 waited 50 years again to see the Chiefs in the superbowl, when he saw the final of the titans game he told us was so happy he was crying tears or joy and he doesn’t care if they lose the superbowl he is just happy they made it again.

    Susan Maggiora

    小谷八輔 Andy deserves that Win!


    should have been 2 consecutive superbowls

    RamblinroseDigger Winton

    Ive been waiting too for 50 years. Im 61. Tell your dad there not done yet! Superbowl is ours.. i just feel it!!


    Nah, we didn’t come this far to lose! We need that trophy!!!

    James Barnett

    Yep my dad is 61 this year and born and raised in KC. I know he’s happy as hell.

Shannon Wright

“We got a Cheetah. Got a MVP. We even got a Jet to get us to Miami”
Demarcus is a character,)

    James Joseph

    I’m pretty sure he’s high during the games.

    Josh Kurelac

    And, we got DAWGS all over this roster. Let’s go win one in Miami.

David Fuentes

I’m from KC. I spent 29 years of my life living 15 minutes from the stadium but I could never afford a ticket to go. I live in AZ now and I would give everything I own just to see the game for 5 minutes.

    Daina Williams

    Your story is mine lived right off of 87th blue ridge never could afford a ticket except once when I when with so co-workers they paid but it was great now I’m in texas but i swear im driving home for this one…go chiefs


I’m not crying… YOU’RE CRYING!!… ok I’m crying too. God damn I love this team.

    Vic Magnificent

    Me too bro. The only team I watch


    The win didn’t sink in at the bar where I watched the game. I started bawling at the bus stop waiting for bus 111 with a cool buzz from drinking all day. GO CHIEFS OF KANSAS CITY!!!


    It’s insane how much I love this team. We’re on to Miami!

Matt Drummond

This team has a mojo about them. They wont be denied. Fun chiefs, stale and boring 49ers. This team will be the champs. Go get it boys,

Michael Slaven

I’ve been a Chiefs fan my whole life and I’m 47 I’ve seen every game since I could remember. I believed Mahomes would great since I have seen him at Texas Tech. When Keitzman was bashing the chiefs for taking him over Watson because he didn’t win in college. I knew he would get us over the hump and I thank God and am very greatful for us finally going to a Super Bowl. My dad has recently passed and I just wish he was here to enjoy this with me. If been waiting my whole life for this and Thank You to the Chiefs organization for helping get thru the tough times. #chiefskingdom #forever

    Steven Brewer

    Same man. I’m 27, My dad passed last June, and all I been thinking was how hyped he’d be. But I’m keeping it goin for him. Cheifs Kingdom One love man!

    jeff francis

    Sorry for both of your losses. This season is special. Go chiefs!!!

    Steven Brewer

    francis  thank your sir. Damn right, go Chiefs! Let’s bring this city and Kingdom together!

    Lori Mello

    My dad became a Chiefs when they moved here in 1969 the year I was born. Lost him back in 2017 he would be so thrilled and go blastic that we finally made to the Super Bowl. Him and mom used to go to the games in the early 70s. Chiefs fan thru and thru.


“WE COMING BACK. WE COMING BACK” yessirrrrr. This video is everything, I love this. I love my team. most importantly, I LOVE my city

damien bassett

Seeing the emotion on Colquitts face… I felt that!! He’s the only one who was there through all those hard years. Couldn’t be happier for the man.


    He’s been on the 2-14 and 4-12 teams and now he’s going to the Super Bowl! Burry him a Chief!


    @Zac Kieser Dustin Colquitt and Derrick Johnson man, two best players we had in the mid/late ’00s.

    damien bassett

    @Zac Kieser I remember reading an article when I was younger on NFL.com. It was the best player on each team. They picked Colquitt for the Chiefs. Now look at us

    Sean Hettenbach

    I had to go into work(a restaurant) during halftime. I was watching on my phone and once it was over, watched the ceremony in the bar… I had tears, no lie. 25years old and been waiting for this moment for 20 years since I understood what a Superbowl was. Feels like a life achievement just watching our team get there… “But it’s not done yet.” Get loud arrowhead, get loud.

John Wiggins

When the girl was showing all her signs I kept saying “I’ve seen that before” “oh I remember that” she has been on tv a lot

Football is Life

On another note, this is probably the best production series by any frachise. Props to the crew, and editors.


Seeing Dustin hold the Lamar Hunt trophy after sticking with this franchise for so long make me so happy


    Colquitt was super emotional, man. He probably is the closest to a fan’s perspective possible having been with this team so long.

    Horst Wessel


    Mr Filo

    And as long time Chiefs fans at one time Dustin may have been the player on the team back then.
    One more game to go Bring the Vince Lombardi Trophy home.

Anthony Blethen

That moment Mathieu said to keep the camera on “Dirty Dan” really epitomizes the heart of this team. And hearing everyone on the sideline talk so highly of each other really makes me happy this has always been my team🔥❤️

    Ryan Evans

    I fell so hard in love with Mathieu in that moment…

    Ryan Evans

    @UCWDADHSrqbnfO9rd9QFDWUA Not sure how you heard that…it’s pretty clear

    Sean Hettenbach

    This group is special… I kept saying one day, we’ll put it together. Through thick and thin… All the ups, and downs. The tragedies and circumstances. I’ve loved every season since I can practically remember as my mom took me to games since I was probably 3… I took DT home for that Texans game. Arrowhead. ah there’s no place like home.


    I was thinking that watching this. These guys really do play for each other. It’s maybe the most cohesive team I’ve ever seen in Kansas City.

    Quincy Gaming

    You can really hear it if you watch the NFLs micd up vids. Watch the latest you can hear the difference between chiefs player and the Titans. You can tell the chiefs weren’t gonna be denied that game

Jonathan Vaccaro

This entire series is one of the best productions for sports I have ever seen. And that’s not the Chiefs fan in me that thinks that.

However, as a fan, I could watch this on repeat to supplement my fix for Chiefs Kingdom, until the big game. Whoever produces these for the Chiefs, I tip my hat to you. The emotion from watching makes me feel like I’m back at the games. Thank you to you and your team for these.

    Nate Hill

    Agreed .. TPT has exponentially improved with the Tech

    Eric S

    ya im a packer fan watching

    Mica L

    Agree 100%


don’t know why I was so surprised when Mahomes lifted the trophy and quickly passed it on without much time for fanfare and photos. what a truly humble guy, he was just as excited to see his teammates holding it. then passing it around in the locker room…. yall make KC so proud 💛❤️ go get those rings and have the best game of your life. yall are legends forever!

Jaden V

Ending bout made me cry. For this special opportunity I wanna thank the staff of the Kansas City chiefs, and the hard working players that are bryon Pringle, Tanoh Kpassagnon, Anthony Sherman, Derrick Nnadi, rashad Fenton, Laurent duvernay tardif, mike Pennel, breeland speaks, khalen Saunders, Morris Claiborne, Damien Wilson, Austin Reiter, Andrew Wylie, darron lee, Demone harris, Stefan wisniewski, Martin Rankin, Armani watts, Xavier Williams, Nick allegretti, cam Erving, Ryan hunter, Emmanuel Ogbah, Reggie Ragland, Anthony hitchens, chad henne, Matt Moore, spencer ware, Chris Jones, Frank Clark, Terrell Suggs, Daniel Sorensen, LaSean McCoy, Darwin Thompson, The Williams’ brothers, d-rob, Harrison butker, Blake bell, Tyreek hill, Sammy Watkins, mecole hardman, Travis Kelce, charvarius ward, bashaud breeland, Alex oakfor, Eric fisher, mitchel swarchtz, Kendal fuller, the one who fixed our defense, “the honey badger” tyrann mathui, and most importantly, 2018 mvp, the best quarterback in the league and soon to be goat, Patrick mahomes. Thank you all for an amazing year! Now, go win us a Super Bowl!!! #chiefskingdom

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