The Draft Show: Early Round Scenarios | Dallas Cowboys 2020 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

The Draft Show: Early Round Scenarios | Dallas Cowboys 2020

Fresh off the Senior Bowl, the guys got together to rehash the game and explore the Cowboys' different options in the first three rounds of the draft.

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Jason Tuscaloosa

With the 17th pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, the Dallas Cowboys select Henry Ruggs III, Wide Receiver, University of Alabama.

    crip records

    Why? Who will he come take out?- He going to take someone’s starting gig?

    Vincent Sample

    No Way, No How.

    See: My Mock Draft!😄
    If Kinlaw does not fall, Raekwon Davis is an David Irvin-like option.

    crip records

    @Vincent Sample ok

Shamell Davis

I don’t like radio voice

Dsaturday Fwight

giving away picks means u cant draft and u wont be able to win a sb anywayz because of that!


Xavier McKinney or grant delpit or kinlaw. All levels of defense and tight end and maybe some depth on the oline are needs and possibly wr if cooper is gone lol. Another underrated need is like punter and return guy. I’m hoping dallas start drafting some speed demons. Like how kc has done.

James Howerton

DT, S, CB, WR, TE, DE, OL (all of course depending on what happens in FA) the first 3 in that order depending on each available talent level. If we want to get to a SB, we HAVE GOT to have a great Defense. We have a very good Offense but our D just doesn’t measure up. What has killed us defensively? Teams running it down our throats. Plus, when you have a bad day on Offense, which happens to ALL teams, a dominant D can win you a game. And as long as we draft great athletes, our ST Coach should be able to build us great ST. We could also use a new P & K.

James Howerton

As far as small school players, look at the history of our team. We were the first to use computers to help evaluate players. We got some gems, not only thru the draft but FAs b/c the rest of the NFL didn’t look at small school players or players not immediately available:
Cliff Harris, Ouichita Baptist U; Don Perkins, U of New Mexico; Chuck Howley, W. Virginia (7th round, traded by CHI after retirement comeback, AMAZING story); Bob Hayes, Florida A&M; Rayfield Wright, Fort Valley St.; Roger Staubach, Navy (10th Round); Randy White, Maryland; Hollywood Henderson, Langston; Herschel Walker, U of GA (5th Round, drafted by USFL); Erik Williams, Central State; Nate Newton, FL A&M; Larry Allen, Sonoma St.; Leon Lett, Emporia St.; DeMarcus Ware, Troy; Tony Romo, E. IL; Dak Prescott, MI St., (3rd Round); Everson Walls, Jason Hatcher, Grambling, etc. So we WILL pick small school guys unless McCarthy changes things.

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