The Day John Elway Wanted Arrowhead Quieted Down | Refreshing Moments in Chiefs History – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Kool-Aid Man


Yaboi LaneGreggs

Love it lol

Bryson Graham

Who loves the Chiefs


I’ve always wondered what happened after the warning?


“Anything for you John”

Todd P

Elway’s horse teeth acted as sound conductors.

Michael Gardner

Absolute and utter bull💩.

Mr Hazlett

And we are still Loud and Proud to this day. #ChiefsKingdom

Chiefs_fan1984 Michael Diedrich

The day old horse face was the original CRY BABY and the first QB that needed a bottle and a diaper change.


I’m surprised Tom Brady hasn’t done this yet.

    Derek Mathews

    DaltonThomas, right, with everything they have done for Tom Brady, I’m surprised that he hasn’t done this at all.

Tav the beast 15

Go chiefs


Wild Card Chiefs

Devil’s Advocate

I was in 6th grade when I saw that and I was so damn mad!! 🤣

Anthony Ware

Looks like good old horse face gave this a thumbs down lol

Slim is chillin

How tf is the defense supposed to help quiet the crowd noise?

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