The BEST SHOTS of 2019

Take a look back through our video team's lenses at the best shots they captured in 2019.

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Teddy Zulu

Rise up!

Anthony Wright

We will reach the Super Bowl in 2020 provided we make the right personnel moves in free agency and the draft with defensive & offensive line help. RISE UP….

Harrison Andrade


You guys are the best team in the NFL


I miss y’all . Y’all my only family

Vincent Estrada

Ridley is working his way to being elite I really believe in him he seems really dedicated to the game and has a high iq of football not to mention he’s extremely athletic

Cody Paul

Man, l know this has been said a million times but this team is too talented to not have been in the playoffs this year and although it was too late l honestly believe we could have went on the road and won a playoff game with the way we were playing at the end of the season and after that anything could have happened. Let’s go Falcons in 2020, please draft well and come out of the gate strong this year because our schedule is brutal again and all of us true fans really want a Super Bowl victory!!!!!

    Anthony Wright

    Cody Paul Yeah we have to draft a DE in the 1st rd, a DT with the first 2nd round selection and either a LG or RB with the second 2nd rounder. In the 3rd round draft a safety. Then in free agency we cannot mess that up. Resign Beasley, Davidson, Clayborn and Wreh-Wilson in my opinion.

    Vincent Estrada

    Anthony Wright we need to resign Grady jarret he’s young and only going to get better

    Cody Paul

    @Anthony Wright Wilson was definitely solid and has great length and good cover skills to the point to where he could definitely be a starter. I’m going to keep it real, he played better than Oliver. As for the draft, hopefully Quinn and Dimitroff knowing their jobs are on the line will motivate them to be better…..

    Falcons/Hawks/Braves Fan Extraordinaire

    @Cody Paul took the words right out of my mouth 😔 I’ve been waiting patiently for a long time for just 1 sb win… and I still believe this is our best chance with this collection of talent 🙏🤞

    Anthony Wright

    Vincent Estrada Grady Jarrett was already signed in the preseason in August to a new deal for over 67 mill.

Frosty Boi

Ngl I thought the beginning of the song was “ Drowning “ just played on a piano

Junior Leon

Rise up !!!

Football Films

The only thing we can do from here is Rise Up

Kelvin Gilley

These are the images that go through my mind in the offseason… which is why I HATE the offseason.
As always… #RiseUp #DirtyBirds #LetsGetDownForOurCrown

Chance Richardson

Ready for the year of redemption for this team!

Ben Solo

Man I hope Keanu doesn’t go on IR for a third straight season, I feel terrible for him. RISE UP!

Flavor Stone

Great video, failed season

Evan Maciel

Even if we aren’t in the playoffs this gets me hyped for next season and plus we are getting the new uni’s! 🔥🔥 #riseup!

King Christopher LA ave

Too see Julio Smile at the end warms my Heart Riseup2020

deinemudda 799

This video remembers me, why i am a falcons fan

Tony Name

Such a boring team to watch now. Thanks for ruining Matt Ryan and Julio Jones prime. Falcons finish 3rd in the NFC south next year, only ahead of Carolina.

Justin Bonds

2020 will be our redemption. We ain’t been right since the SB collapse, but we saw the players take control and play for Dan when rumors started flying. 2 years in he took us there, he can do it again! RISE UP BABY!

Justin Blalock

Dirtybird 4 life🗣Let’s get that ring next season🔴⚫️💯 we miss yall can’t wait for next season let’s get it✊


Dear Falcons,

Please make Julio stay

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