The Best Plays From Sam Darnold’s Second Season | New York Jets | NFL – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Jay Khan

This kid is so young and has so much talent. Just get this kid an offensive line that’s not ranked in the 30’s and he’ll do something special.

Matthew O'Chuida

He’s gonna be so good

Virtual Boy

King Sam! Can’t wait for year 3!

Kyle rigney

This video didnt include his best pass of the year. His TD throw to Crowder vs the Ravens was as accurate a throw as I’ve seen this year from any QB.

    Benjamin Simon

    your comment is as accurate a comment as I’ve seen this year in any comment section.

    Kyle rigney

    @Benjamin Simon hahaha

Andy B

Need to keep Anderson crowder griffin rebuild the o line and this team can make the leap to playoff contender next year. Especially if Brady leaves division would probably battle it out with bills for division champs

    Jay Khan

    @Virtual Boy yea especially considering that we have to resign Poole, have to take a 12M cap hit just to get rid of Trumaine and we should probably redo Jamal’s deal now

    Danny ODell

    We are prob going to take ceedee lamb


    @Virtual Boy i’m gonna throw in a wild one. robby’s gonna take the hometown discount and sign a 3 – 4 year deal for around 8M – 9M per year. that would be very fair to both sides


    If Herndon can get healthy then he more than likely starts over Griffin.

    Virtual Boy

    MGTOW-Balance he already said that taking a hometown discount would be stupid he’s out to make as much money as possible


That dime to Anderson was beautiful

danglerz TV

Darnold went 7-6 as a starter with over 3000 yards in only 13 games with the worst o line in football, an average of 3 seconds to throw, no running game (no disrespect to Le’Veon it’s cuz of bad o line play) and Robbie Anderson as his best receiver…. Imagine how good he’ll be once we get him the protection he needs and that huge #1 he can depend on… The protection will also decrease dramatically his mistakes and turnovers, since they’re usually because he had zero time in the pocket… so excited for the future with Sam!

    Danny ODell

    danglerz TV omg finally someone who is actually smart thank you


    You’re right on. Also, Chris Herndon should help when he gets back on the field.

Islander 80

What about the 2 point conversion vs buffalo week 1

    Thereal One

    Islander 80 yo I was that fucking game throw was impossible and was a dim

    Sports Fan

    Thereal One it was!!! I don’t get giant fans tho, they think that fu*** DJ is better than Sam Darnold

    Thereal One

    Sports Fan once sam starts to really blossom it will become very obvious soon the Jets chose the right QB

c k

Y’all left so many plays out

Thereal One

Sam the savior member that! Got a feeling this kid gonna win us 1 ✈️

David Gravié Gutiérrez

Just build around him. Please 🥺

Chris A

This entire offseason should be done this way, resign everyone. Sign G: Brandon Shereff & OT: Anthony costanzo. Then spend 2 of first 3 draft picks on OL. We need to protect this kid. We don’t need more playmakers, we need to protect the franchise QB


    the only playmaker they need is a solid pass rusher. but yeah, just about everything else offensive line

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